1. fire6's Avatar
    Is anybody using BESX on the 9930? The enterprise activation now available from the app world is supposed to allow anybody on BIS to have access to corporate email. I currently use BESX on my 9000 with ATT. I was thinking about switching but have to have BESX. Also was not sure the app works on OS7. Any help would be appreciated. Sick of waiting for ATT. Want the new Bold.
    09-06-11 03:36 PM
  2. kjjb0204's Avatar
    It only works if your corporation uses BESX. It's not a consumer or individual offering. The EA app on AppWorld only helps activating your device on the BES server once your IT people have created your profile. It doesn't do anything beyond that.
    09-06-11 03:47 PM
  3. fire6's Avatar
    Yes my work has installed BESX and I am currently using it on ATT. ATT does not charge the BES fee to use BESX. Verizon used to and that was probably why RIM introduced the enterprise activation app. I just wanted to find somebody that was actually using it. There are two concerns:
    1. Has Verizon blocked the app?
    2. Will the app work on OS7?
    09-06-11 03:52 PM
  4. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Yes, works fine on OS7. Used it to activate mine. Verizon does require the BES plan for corporate email.

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    09-06-11 04:15 PM
  5. fire6's Avatar
    Kjjb0204 even when you used the Enterprise acctivation app? That was supposed to work around the carriers charging BES price for what was designed to be BES lite. BESX is supposed to be the Blackberry answer to active sync on android and IOS. Free for IT and consumers. That will be a deal breaker for me. I will have to stick with ATT.
    09-06-11 04:29 PM
  6. Exnilo777's Avatar
    We use BESX at my work. I'm connected through our BES and am on the $30 data plan through Verizon.
    09-06-11 07:02 PM
  7. ilguy's Avatar
    All of my company blackberries are on a BESX server. We retired our BES once BESX became free and we didn't need the extra functionality. We switched all of our Verizon blackberries from the enterprise blackberry plan to the BIS plan saving and additiona $10+ monthly per unit.

    Works great!
    09-06-11 09:04 PM
  8. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Sorry, didn't realize BESX worked with the BIS plan. That is very cool. Unfortunately for me we have too many users for BESX. Good luck.

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    09-06-11 09:08 PM
  9. deejayburnout's Avatar
    Where do you get this BES from app world

    I am on a 9900 in the Uk and my work uses BES.

    Been looking to activate it but I cannot find it.

    09-07-11 06:05 AM
  10. mpscan's Avatar
    I have a 9930 on Verizon, using a corporate BESX, on the $30 BIS plan. You only need the $45 plan if on a straight-up BES. If you're BESX, you can use the BIS data plan.
    09-07-11 07:11 AM
  11. fire6's Avatar
    deejayburnout the app is called enterprise activation in app world. But your employer must install BESX on their server. It can run along side of the regular BES. There is a limit on how many users can be on BESX. But it is free for IT and users. I convinced my IT to try and he will be saving some money because he will not renew the BES license. I am in the US unsure if it is available in UK. Good luck
    09-07-11 08:04 AM