1. RegN's Avatar
    My wife's 9900 will not go to black screen after you let it sit for a few seconds like mine does and it also has a habit of when you lock it it blacks out and then few sec comes right back on. Some times reboot fixes it but tonight it is being annoying. I have 923 installed on it but see there is another newer version maybe it will be better. My phone had the hit the b key and get a period issue but my wife's phone is much worse it does it almost every time. I had this issue with my 9780 and hoped it would be gone with a whole new phone. Anyone have issues like this and find some solution?
    08-03-13 10:35 PM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    Sounds to me like you need to reload the OS, but if it happened with another device I'm kinda stumped. With a fresh install and no apps running does it still do it?
    08-04-13 07:30 AM
  3. RegN's Avatar
    Well I have reloaded the os as last night but while doing it I noticed the battery was low and while it was hooked up it all worked, so maybe it is a low battery issue as far as the light dimming properly. My wife does not always listen to me and charge the phone every night as she is not a heavy user. The keyboard issues just seem to be maybe a hardware problem that followed us from the 9780 bolds. Thanks will keep an eye on it now with this latest os and proper charging habits
    08-04-13 07:55 AM
  4. howards's Avatar
    I had that issue a while back. Does your wife by any chance have an app called "Leave It On" or a similar type app that allows for you to keep the screen on continually? I had inadvertently hit the "leave it on" option in the BB menu. Once I changed that it was working as it should again.

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    08-04-13 12:21 PM
  5. g33kphr33k's Avatar
    I had the same as this. I realised it was my torch app was open with the light turned off. Because it lies to the media player the screen stays on so even when I locked it the screen would light back up after a couple of seconds.

    It'll more than likely be an app causing the issue.
    08-05-13 02:44 AM

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