1. kelton's Avatar
    Since the Droid 3 is likely to appear weeks before the 9900, I'm thinking of giving that Droid and its physical keyboard and role in the hay.

    Hopefully, I'll have a good impression by the time my trial period runs out.

    There are two things of interest with this test: Can I operate swiftly on that motorola keyboard and can I negotiate the software equally well?

    If it just isn't working for me, I'll have time to switch to the 9900.

    Does that sound like a good plan...or am I missing something?

    07-06-11 09:14 PM
  2. fire6's Avatar
    That sounds like a great plan. I am considering both phones for a future update. Your timing has to be right. Let me know what you think of the phones.
    07-06-11 09:23 PM
  3. twigg's Avatar
    Sounds like a plan! Do it an see which one works out best. Just make sure that you are in your 30 window because the U.S. Launch date is not exactly known.

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    07-06-11 09:31 PM
  4. mjs416's Avatar
    I did exactly what you are talking about with the Droid 2. The keyboard is nothing compared to the BB qwerty (from what Ive read the Droid 3 form factor is very similar tp the Droid 2). I found it cumbersome.

    The OS on the Droid 2 crashed often requiring reboots and constant battery pulls.

    I ended up missing the stability and form factor of my 9650 and went back to it after a month with the droid. Of course Verizon wouldnt take it back.

    My input - wait for the 9900.
    07-06-11 09:35 PM
  5. Doc Z's Avatar
    I'll definitely be leaving BB if the 9930 isn't released soon but the Droid 3 would be my very last option to consider as a phone. Absolutely hate the Droid keyboards, I think they're complete garbage. I'd go for a different Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy S2 should be out soon as well as a couple other beast phones.
    07-06-11 10:58 PM
  6. kelton's Avatar
    Well, the act of gently tapping the keyboard (touchscreen phones in general) drives me nuts.

    I can do it, but the process seems so delicate and somewhat slow.

    I did not like the keyboard on previous droids, but they claim to have changed. The top row of letters is no longer wedged along the top of the keyboard because they now have put the numbers there. I like that much.

    Even if the 9900 is much the same as the 9650 in terms of function (which I am guessing it is), it will at least be snappier in performance, somewhat larger screen, and a larger keyboard.... and with the convenience of "touch" on occasion.
    07-07-11 07:24 AM