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    Just bought a Blackberry Bold 9900, for my daughter and I use a 3g iphone. Whenever I ring her number from my iphone it nearly always goes to voicemail. Normally there will be a silence of a few seconds and then it will go straight to voicemail, or ring a couple of times and then go to voicemail.
    The strange thing is that if I ring her number from my home number or my partners iphone the calls are always answered! I would say if I ring her number from my iphone 10% of calls are answered the other 90% go on to her voicemail. She has a full signal and good battery. We are both on O2 and I have rang them and done the normal things like cleaning sim card, deleting her number and re entering it, so if anyone can offer any advice this would be very welcome, thankyou
    08-22-11 10:47 AM