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    I got the the 9900 on launch date in India. I was using the Torch 9800 running AT&T .600.
    My primary communication device is the Cell Phone. I never use land linez, hence battery life is crucial to me.
    The 9900 is fast, snappy and has a battery that takes everything. Wifi, digital compass, wikitude and calling is all handled with ease.
    The phone is a joy to hold, and for the first time the RIM has made a device that is right up there in terms of hardware.
    I was at a party today(celebrating India's independance day), and I was using the 9900 as the music provider. Word got round that I had the new 9900, and everyone came up to me and had a go. Most of the folks loved the debice right there. Most of them are regular consumers who have no idea about the upcoming QNX devices, so most of them wanted it. The 9900 just that cool.
    The apps might be lacking, but for work the BB still rules, and the 9900 has just upped the BB experience by a couple of huge notches.
    RIM deserves huge accolades for this phone. Period.
    08-14-11 07:15 PM