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    T-Mobile Germany will launch the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in September,

    Bold 9900 T-Mobile Germany
    08-17-11 08:21 AM
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    ahhh what about o2?!
    i dont know what to doooooo...

    i love o2, but they dont offer HSPA+ (14,4mbps, which tmobile does), they only offer normal 3G (7,2mbps.. its their maximum)
    but with o2 i dont need a 2year contract, i'll just pay full price and use my weird-awesome-contract....

    with tmobile i'd have to sign a 2year contract...and that'd be annoying
    even tho the first QNX phone will be a full touchscreen device, the physical keyboard QNX phone should be out about about 6-8months later or so, not sure
    but it probably wont take 2 years
    but tmobile offers 14,4mbps

    but i love o2's network, no dropped calls etc..

    ok, yea, thats my dilemma i guess
    really dont know what to do ._.

    btw is HSPA+ (14,4mbps) way faster than normal 3G (7,2mbps) ?
    because of the numbers you would think it's twice at fast, but is that really the case?

    is there anyone on a carrier that doesnt offer HSPA+ and only gets 7,2mbps? hows that speed? is it still significantly faster than 3G on older devices? it should be right? faster processor, new browser etc etc
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    08-17-11 08:41 AM
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    Does anybody of you German guys know something about the Vodafone Release Date? I already cancelled my O2 contract... perhaps a bit stupid of me. Hope it comes out before the 5th of September.

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    08-17-11 11:49 AM