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    While watching the CBS drama, 'Madam Secretary' tonight, I saw actress Ta Leoni using a 9900 on several occasions. However, the silver 'BlackBerry' brand name below the earpiece had been blacked out. But the 9900 was unmistakable, especially in the closeups reading messages.
    09-28-14 08:49 PM
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    Oh they had a lot of BBs last week during the pilot episode as well. When she was having dinner with old friends, at least two of them had BBs (looked like 9700s or 9780s to me,) and she of course had her 9900.
    09-28-14 09:03 PM
  3. anon(4077577)'s Avatar
    I've said it many times, and i'll say it again, the 9900 is a legendary BlackBerry... I still have happy tears when I take mine out to play with from time to time... my passport is blardy powerful, but it aint the BlackBerry that the 9900 was... can't explain it.

    ...eleven BlackBerrys and counting....
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    05-20-15 06:45 AM
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    Unfortunately as the series progresses she is seen using iPhone.

    Posted Via The Classic
    05-20-15 07:18 AM
  5. anon(4077577)'s Avatar
    LOL! Darn.....!

    ...eleven BlackBerrys and counting....
    05-20-15 07:24 AM

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