1. chadecoen's Avatar
    So I am discovering that maybe some weak signal issues aren't entirely Tmo fault. Recently some friends and I went to a remote area in GA and they all had various levels of signal with different devices even though we are all tmo. I, on the other hand, was SOS most of the trip. I tried several different os builds to no avail. And even more recently I traveled to Mobile, AL and discovered very unstable signal. Phone was sitting on a table by the window as I was using blutooth and it would constantly go from 4g to edge to something else and get worbly and then clear up sometimes dropping the call sometimes not. I know from past trips to Mobile that tmo has decent coverage there and I have had no problems in the past with different devices.

    What's the fix? Does our beloved 9900 just have weaker radios than other devices available? I have started traveling a lot with my new job and can not afford to have spotty coverage but I don't know that changing to a verizon or something will help. Any ideas? Advise?

    03-19-13 07:59 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Sounds like a bad antenna. Still under warranty, or have insurance coverage?
    03-19-13 11:11 AM
  3. grover5's Avatar
    My 9900 on TMO has always had a weak signal as well. It behaves similarly to yours OP. It might be a bad antenna as BBW pointed out. I'm past my warranty stage and have found the 714 OS does better than others with signal.
    03-19-13 11:18 AM
  4. mister_turtle's Avatar
    Interesting. Does a bad antenna also exhibit symptoms of Call Failed? Sometimes, my 9900 shows full bars and I don't receive calls or I try to make a call and it just fails. Then I have to re-boot.
    03-19-13 01:51 PM
  5. chadecoen's Avatar
    Hmm, could be a bad antenna, not sure. I have great signal at home and most places I go locally. I do get long call times, meaning, from when I press send to when the call actually connects is sometimes crazy long. And every now and then it says call failed but not often and when it does, resending the call connects every time. I just marked that up to good ol Tmo but maybe it is my phone.

    I am trying to say that I have good signal sometimes and not so much at others. Would a broken antenna act like that?
    03-19-13 08:05 PM
  6. elderberryman's Avatar
    When I went from an 8320 to my 9900 I suddenly could only get SOS at home. I complained and T-Mobile sent me an indoor antenna booster. Now I get excellent coverage in my home, but still get weak coverage on the road. I hope to go to the BB10 and improve my coverage.
    03-20-13 11:08 AM

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