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    Hey all. Just wanted to drop in and give a quick run down on my experience with the bold 9900 so far. I got it on Tues the 9th so I have been using since day one.

    Here is what I have found:

    Pros: best berry yet hands down. Os is so fast and snappy. Light speed. Any berry lover will be delighted.
    Browser is still the same flimsy looking one but its finally fast! Haha totally usable.

    Cons: I'm coming from an iphone 4 so it is dissapointing to not be able to send a vid bigger than 6 or 7 MB. What's that 6 seconds of 720p? Pathetic. And can only do that via bbm or emai, no text.
    Camera is a joke. Practically shouldn't of included one. Even on the close up mode u cannot take a close up picture all u will get is blurr. sad.
    Battery is **** as well. Worse than iphone 4. Only get a full day with light usage.

    This is an amazing berry and rim should be aplauded for the leaps and bounds they made with this berry but at the end of the day its only going to be a hold me over till iphone 5 for me. I personally like, want, and need to be able to take pics and vid and send them and I can't be avoiding messages and stuff for the sake of preserving battery so ya the phone is beautiful and great in a lot of ways but just can't provide the full experience I am looking for in a smart phone.

    A QNX berry might be just what I am looking for though. I love BB os and form factor so I will be staying tuned into rims developments like all proud Canadians should

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    I don't even like iPhones and I'll admit that they are better phones. I feel that your review sums it up in a nutshell. I understand that BBs are targeted at "business people" who don't need the flashy stuff like cameras and what not. But "business people" are starting to switch to iPhones and Androids because hey they can still do business AND get the fancy frills like 8 MP cameras. I just wish RIM would start going for that consumer market too because like you, I think the berry has a beautiful form factor.
    08-18-11 12:03 PM
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    I will say this: moving forward I am much more hopeful of rim after seeing how well they did with this berry. I just hope in the near future they can continue to improve at this new found rate and will finally deliver a berry that can handle all of what todays smart phone users demand and expect. This is very close to perfect and will more than please a whole lot of crackberry addicts and I do love the phone and am very happy with it but ya just a couple more improvements needed to make it my sole every day device.

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    Did mods delete 2 posts? Lol

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    I think you're one of the cases of "bad battery" most people get much more life out of their phone even with heavy usage.

    Updating the OS could solve that.
    08-18-11 01:25 PM