1. kris306dt's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I'm usually a silent user, rather search than ask but i've done so much searching.

    Last night, in the Bar of the holiday park i was staying in (rubbish weather, not enough money etc) my BB9900 on H3G uk started acting up. Just what i need :/


    Trackpad = Hang up button.
    Alt = W
    S = Sx
    V= Gv
    B = Hb
    = L
    L = L
    H = Hb
    G = Gv

    I have run Loader.exe with the latest OS downloaded from BB. Still No avail. Since run Loader after purposely unplugging whilst updating. Still no change.

    I've a spare identical phone in the kitchen drawer with dodgy screen, it went down the bog and missus turned it on straight away. Seems to boot and tackpad illuminates, then keyboard illiminates as per my working phone.

    Any ideas guys?
    04-13-13 03:37 PM
  2. kris306dt's Avatar
    Just to add. I did some more reading (thankfully phone still operates to an extent as it's also my internet for the laptop, tethered).

    Holiday was a week on the coast, with UK weather. It's rained all week. I'm thinking there may be some water ingress (although when the problem arose it was bone dry, but has been in a wet pocket and taken scenery pics in the rain) so it's in a bowl of rice.

    Tried some VERY firm pushes on the upper row of keys, read something about a ribbons contacts not being perfect? Too afraid to smash my phone against the desk or punch it as it's already got a cracked screen (thankfully screen guard is holding it together and has done for 6 months).
    04-13-13 05:07 PM

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