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    My phone is starting to play up. Keeps pocket dialing people, sometimes when its in my hand I look down and its fricking dialing someone. And also in pocket. I've set up the password and put it on screen lock as much as I can.

    The real problem is, for some reason it KEEPS rining a girl I just started dating. It was funny at first but now its becoming a real pain.

    The other day I was driving with it on speaker phone, it was in my hand but I wasn't really touching the screen, it dropped the call and then started calling the girl.

    Just now I got in really late 3.30am, was just plugging it into charge, looked down and it was rining her AGAIN at this time in the morning.

    Also rings a guy from work called Chris.

    And a few peple have text me to say I left a blank message for them.

    This a fault or just sensitive screen?

    If its the latter, I can't work out how its going into the menus and selecting them, then dialing.

    I am starting to think its a software fault.

    ANyone know anything about this?
    11-06-11 10:12 PM