1. noangelx's Avatar
    My hubby forgot his 9900 on the roof of his car and it flew off into traffic, hit a car on its door, and then the battery and cover got run over while main part landed in the ditch.... The battery was crushed. He put it all back together and it still works!!!!
    04-23-13 12:47 AM
  2. Yell0w's Avatar
    Wow, sounds like a crazy ride it got. Please upload some pictures? I would like to see how bad the housing suffered from the fall and bumps.

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    04-23-13 01:05 AM
  3. OhCorrica's Avatar
    Yes, please upload pics! That is awesome that it held up so well. When I had an iPhone i barely dropped it and I feel like the entire thing shattered.
    04-23-13 01:38 AM
  4. ojas541's Avatar
    battery was crushed? is that even possible, i mean the battery is wy too thin for that hehehe

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    04-23-13 05:41 AM
  5. popeye's Avatar
    Next time try burning it in a firepit-let us know how that works!
    04-23-13 06:42 AM
  6. crohns's Avatar
    somebody call 911!!!!!
    04-23-13 06:49 AM
  7. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Wow! I was just getting ready to start amazing grace.

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    04-23-13 06:52 AM
  8. noangelx's Avatar
    Ya its pretty crazy! I am trying up upload pics here with my z10, not sure it's working...
    Attached Thumbnails 9900 Flies off the roof of car into traffic...-img_00000687.jpg   9900 Flies off the roof of car into traffic...-img_00000685.jpg  
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    04-23-13 07:03 AM
  9. robsteve's Avatar
    There is a Canadian vendor on eBay, selling original parts. Last time I looked, the whole housing and back cover for the 9900 was $37. If it still works and you want to fix up the cosmetics, it's not a bad deal. I got a 9860 housing from him and it shipped from Waterloo.
    04-23-13 08:06 AM
  10. SteveBB10's Avatar
    Wow awesome story I recommend you get a new battery. You can find them on ebay for 10 bucks

    Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.
    04-23-13 08:42 AM
  11. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Jeez. How's the screen on the phone?
    04-23-13 11:35 AM
  12. noangelx's Avatar
    Jeez. How's the screen on the phone?
    Because it split when it hit the car and the main part hit the ditch...it has almost no damage! slight scratches but that's it!
    04-23-13 04:06 PM
  13. texn884's Avatar
    Be Bold Crash and Burn and get Run over! Be Bold & Live to talk another day! LMAO
    04-23-13 04:36 PM
  14. fryk's Avatar
    I would not use the 9900 till I got a new battery .Lithium battery fire hazard.
    04-23-13 11:46 PM
  15. noangelx's Avatar
    I had my old 9900 from before I got my z10 so I gave him my battery and door. His phone is like new again!
    04-24-13 08:32 AM
  16. ojas541's Avatar
    blackberries are the sturdiest of the phones, second to probably nokia?

    here is another story:
    when my dad was using the bold 9900 with the pocket pouch, he would have atleast dropped the phone 5 times right in front of me!
    getting out of the car and it fell onto the footpath!

    he also dropped it from the stairs it went tumbling down, and no problem at all thanks to the pouch, the phone only has some minor blemishes on the metal sides thats it!!

    and my old curve 8520, used to be banged around all the time in the bag with books and a metal water bottle,l no big deal, scratches only on the battery cover! i had dropped on a bus once screen down and it went sliding towards the front hehehe

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    04-29-13 04:23 AM
  17. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    I want to see tech blogs make this test the standard for seeing how durable a phone is.
    04-30-13 07:38 PM

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