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    I bought the 9900 because I wanted a Blackberry with a quicker processor. My 9900 is woefully slow and I thought that the 9900 would be a definite bump up.

    That said, I am very disappointed. 8 hours after and my 9900 is dead. My almost fully-charged 9900 shut off and won't turn back on. Battery pulls don't work, and AC doesn't work. I even tried pressing the Escape button on the battery pull...about the only thing that might have brought it back.

    A call to T-Mobile's RIM tech support didn't help. It's either the battery or a DOA unit.

    What's so frustrating is that I spend hours switching the device info, plus my time going to the store and waiting. Of course the T-Mobile stores are sold out, so I have to wait longer. I'm pissed! Nice that a $600 device bricked on the very first day. Nice work Blackberry.

    It really makes me wonder if I want the 9900. RIM did some nice work on the device, but also took several steps backwards. Yes, there is a faster processor and more memory. Then again, it doesn't have UMA and an Auto-Focus camera. I can't tell you how many macro shots I take for personal and business use, and the lack of Auto-Focus is huge.

    And the omission of UMA is embarrassing. Why RIM and T-Mobile, why? UMA is a stellar feature...and something if advertised would bring countless new customers to T-Mobile. Who's doing their marketing and PR, Bozo?

    And finally...I'm really beginning to question the touchscreen. Frankly, it gets in the way and is a true impediment when typing.
    09-03-11 12:28 AM
  2. billyg072's Avatar
    you already know that it doesnt have AF camera before buying right?

    if no, you should've get your homework done before buying something this expensive

    if yes, why are you still buying it?

    i kinda dont understand how your mind works...
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    09-03-11 02:49 AM
  3. Sharma15's Avatar
    carriers push out the UMA update, not RIM the hardware is there, service isnt.
    09-03-11 02:58 AM
  4. o4liberty's Avatar
    Wow sounds like your unhappy with it just return it and be done. The device isn't for everyone but IMO it is the best bb out there.

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    09-03-11 06:32 AM