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    Hi guys,

    would love your help on this as i've searched all posts/threads relating to freezing issues, but unfortunately, none of the responses helped me.

    Basically, this is my 3rd 9900 replacement, each device has been new but winded up with some problem within the first 2 days. So far, this current device lasted 2 weeks before it started acted up. When left aside for anything from 30mins+, it just freezes. Sometimes the back light will come on, but the device will be completely unresponsive. Sometimes, the screen just remains blacked out. Yesterday i had to do a hard reboot 17 times!!!

    I've tried the following to resolve the problem, to no avail:
    - Wiping the entire device, reinstalling OS, and then restoring from backup.

    - Wiping entire device, reinstalling OS but not restoring all categories from backup [in case it was down to a corrupt file] - only restored address book

    -Threatened to throw it out the window...

    -Cried :-/ ........

    None of the above has help and the problem still persists. Would love any helpful advice on what i could do next pretty please.

    FYI: 7.0 Bundle 2406 (v7.0.0.585)

    02-19-12 05:05 AM
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    Have you considered it being a app issue. Some apps don't all play nice with some devices. Re load OS and slowly reinstall your apps one at a time to see if you still get the issue.

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    02-19-12 05:57 AM
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    Yeh i've done that. I restored without putting back any apps...just my address book. Still problematic ...
    02-19-12 06:00 AM
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    Yeh i've done that. I restored without putting back any apps...just my address book. Still problematic ...
    Maybe an upgrade to one of the leaked OS7.1's may solve your problem ?
    02-19-12 06:02 AM
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    When I had that type problem with my Torch,I tried all that stuff too many times over.People said prolly an app issue,OS issue,hardware issue.I replaced my digitizer screen and all was well from that point on.Your carrier is probablly giving you refurbished units to replace your original phone.That is why you have immediate problems when you recieve them(it was someone elses headache before you got it)Call them and demand a brand new unit arguing your plight.Tell them you are loosing business and any other bull you can think of.Tell them you are not excepting another refurb unit etc...You deserve and need a BRAND NEW Bold.Sorry to hear about all your troubles,it really is a great BB when you get a good one.Good luck
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    02-19-12 06:11 AM
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    Its time to contact your carrier to get another replacement for sure. Call them and explain maybe they will give you a new not refurbished. I had this happen with my original storm with so many replacements verizon finally gave me a new one.

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    02-19-12 07:17 AM
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    Thanks for your replies guys.

    When i contacted my carrier with the previous devices, i demanded brand new devices each time, and was assured that i'd be getting new ones too. Upon receipt, i have to say, i do believe they were new. All came in original blackberry boxes with the 'void if removed' seal around each edge. Everything inside was packaged as new...even the smell (lol) had that new scent to it...As it stands, i now have 3 holsters, chargers and handsfree kits! Could set up a shop with these...
    Having said that, I can't guarantee that they were in fact brand new. How can you tell the difference?

    @SevendustG..completely agree it's a beautiful device when it does work...but mostly a headache. I've read too many reviews now and must accept that it must be a generic build issue along the 99xx series.

    Can't believe i'll be moving on to a 4th replacement all in the space of under 3 weeks!.....
    02-19-12 07:33 AM
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    Have you got any solution for this problem?
    09-05-13 08:04 AM