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    Hi, like others, I have just upgraded from a 9700 to the new 9900 and am dismayed by the poor battery life. I gave a full charge 6 hours ago and with only light use, and NO calls, I have already lost 40%!!

    My question : I get poor 3G reception at home through Vodafone UK (also seems worse on the 9900). Does the battery drain fast if the device is constantly searching for a poor 3G signal? If so, would I use less battery by switching to my home wifi connection?
    09-11-11 07:21 PM
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    i think that WIFI will use more battery life.
    09-11-11 07:33 PM
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    The battery will drain faster when it is searching for a signal. If you can switch to 2G instead, then that should increase your battery life by a bit.

    Turning wifi on will net you better battery life if you are actually using your phone while connected to a stable wifi network using anything data as opposed to using data through the 3G or 2G signal.

    Also if you have any program that constantly polls for information every so often, such as Facebook... turn the polling to only poll every time you open the app, and not every hour or what its set at.. This will greatly increase battery life.

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    09-11-11 07:53 PM