1. blackbirdxxcanadian's Avatar
    I plugged my 9900 into the computer last night and updated the applications list. It said there was a lot of updates to languages, something to do with OS and some programs. Did the updates, got rid of the stuff I didn't need such as Chinese language etc and it rebooted.

    Today I noticed a nice improvement in battery life. I have had mine for a week now, Bell phone, original OS of 261. Usually by this time of day I am down to 50% battery life. Today I am at 70%. Same usage or maybe slightly elevated today over normal. Normal for me is about 30 ish texts, 30 ish bbm's, an hour or more on phone, 25 ish emails, a bit of web browsing. It came off the charger at 7 am this morning, full charge.

    Also there has been zero memory leak. I am sitting at 229 mb.

    I have had zero problems with phone. Just thought I would put it out there to see if anyone has had a similiar finding with their phone.

    08-18-11 04:17 PM