1. BB2Go's Avatar
    I understand Rim had to go fixed focus on the 9900/9930 camera. Can it take a clear close up shot of small numbers?

    I often use my phone to grab serial numbers off equipment and camera really comes in handy for this. As an example, here is a close up of a Canadian Bank Note, taken with an iPhone 4 under ambient lighting:

    See attachment.

    It's not the clearest pic I've taken with this phone but it's not too bad. The IP has a mechanical autofocus which is pretty good.

    Would you mind snapping a pic of a partitial windows 7 product key, or a small set of numbers that I could compare with what can take with the iPhone?

    08-29-11 06:05 PM
  2. chasvs's Avatar
    With the digital zoom you can get acceptable images such as your example.
    08-29-11 09:30 PM
  3. LSglock89's Avatar
    In my opinion you can get acceptable quality pictures close up. Search for my posts in other camera threads and my Bold 9930 review for examples.

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    08-30-11 12:18 AM