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    hey everyone,

    just like most of you i've been waiting for the 9900 for SO long, i really cant wait and hope it gets released here in germany very soon...

    now im currently on o2 with my 9700, the only problem, they dont support HSPA+, only 3G (7,2mbps) and as we all know the 9900 supports HSPA+ (14,4mbps)
    now i know many people are happy with their new H+, but when you're in an area where only 3G is available or if anyone only has 3G (7,2mbps on their carrier/their smartphone)... how's the 3G compared to the 3G on the 9700?
    or how's 3G in terms of speed compared to H+ ?

    i really like my current contract and i'd like to keep it and hope that o2 upgrades to H+ in the near future, I'd just like to know....
    is it a significant difference?
    is 3G on the 9900 about the same as on the 9700?
    or is it still way faster on the 9900 because of the 1,2ghz processor and the new browser?

    how about using apps like FB, IM+ ... downloading stuff, browsing
    even with the same 3G connection, it should be way faster, right?

    if anyone could maybe explain it to me, give me a few examples or just compare the 2 and just help me out here, i'd really appreciate it

    as i said, I'd really like to stay with o2 and keep my current contract, but if 3G is just about the same as on the 9700 and H+ is way better.. maybe it's time to switch
    (because tmobile supports HSPA+, unfortunately i'd have to sign a 24month contract.. and i plan on upgrading to a physical keyboard QNX smartphone once it gets released (of course the first one will be a full touchscreen one..)

    and also, someone said H+ doesnt drain battery life faster, because its still 3G, is that true? Oo I'd assume it drains the battery faster

    another thing is... I've read all the reviews, articles and posts about the 9900, watched every video and picture, I NEED it now..
    i sure hope it gets released here as well soon

    now i've read quite a few people complaining about battery life, my 9700 has excellent battery life, but the 9900 probably wont last me through a day

    so i plan on buying one of these once they'll be available: https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=Tw9YK-TM

    unfortunately "shopblackberry" doesnt ship to europe (germany in my case), but i really need one of these, that battery is so small i can just put it in my pocket or my wallet and i wont have any problems getting a full day, can charge both at the same time.. just perfect

    so, does anyone know of a site which offers official RIM products like this one and which is likely to offer the same product?
    visited amazon etc and they're not offering any 9900 batteries (at least not the german site, amazon.co.uk does but the price is only 15pounds so im wondering if its a real official RIM one..)
    and i need a charger just for the battery as well, so i can charge the one in my BB and the other one at the same time

    I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out with my questions and worries !
    cant wait to get my 9900

    thanks in advance everyone !
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    Well I know this is slightly different, but I'm on voda, and can't get 3g where I could with o2 on my other phone, but edge is more than fast enough for general browsing and apps. When I do get 3g its as fast as ever.
    Seem to be in a voda dead zone at my work, when had full H+ on my htc o2 phone. Slightly annoyed, but shant complain, should be working anywho!

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    08-13-11 06:43 AM
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    In my experience I've found the browsing faster especially due to the faster processor. Haven't found a reason to disable javascript yet, and I constantly had it disabled on my 9700 cos it just dragged browsing to a halt. EDGE browsing on the 9900 is definitely... smoother than the 9700... and being able to zoom in with the touch screen is well worth it
    08-13-11 06:49 AM
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    My internet at home is 1.3mbps.. Anythings a vast improvement lol

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    08-13-11 06:52 AM
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    thanks u two !

    its nice to know that 2G / EDGE is nice on the 9900, but well.. i believe most of us use 3G all the time when available, so i was wondering
    hows the 3G on the 9900 vs the 3G on the 9700 ?

    sure it's supposed to be the same speed, but we have a new processor a new browser, so once again..
    browsing, downloading, opening apps, writing something in FB etc... how's the speed on 9900 3G compared to 9700 3G ?

    and hows the 9900 H+ speed compared to the 9900 3G speed?
    cuz if you read my first post, im in quite a stupid situation... staying with o2 or switching to tmobile, i dont know what to do ; >

    and also, if anyone has an answer to my other question regarding another 9900 battery+charger etc, i'd really appreciate it !
    08-13-11 06:12 PM