1. yukon4's Avatar
    I got this phone 2 days back and it gave me 6 hours with light usage. Upgraded the OS to the latest(yesterday) and am still getting around 6 hours.

    I consulted a friend who has a 9790 and he gets 2 days. I am simply lost as to whether this is a hardware problem or a battery issue or software one.
    I do have the choice to
    1)send the phone back
    2)get the 9780
    3)get another battery to check
    4)get another 9790

    Are the complaints about the 9790's battery life isolated issues or it is sort of common among the users?

    BTW, I love this phone as it much faster than the 9700 in many areas but for the love of god, this battery life is sucking away my enthusiasm for this phone.

    I have not tried the hybrid OS builds or the 746 build but went from .6xx to .1047(yesterday)
    10-09-13 06:10 AM
  2. David Murray1's Avatar
    I'd try a different battery as new ones are $10 or less. Also turn off wireless and bluetooth when you are not using them. Run Application Resource Monitor to check for any battery-draining apps running in the background.
    10-09-13 06:40 AM
  3. yukon4's Avatar
    Will try a new battery but will not switch off wireless or any of the normal stuff I would keep on in the 9700.

    How can the battery life of these phones be so capricious? All over the place. Damn frustrating.
    10-09-13 11:44 AM
  4. Fuzz360's Avatar
    No battery issues here. I can get days of usage if I close all "live stream" apps.

    1)Make sure you close all your apps properly (NOT using the End-Call button, but using the menu key instead).

    2) Close all Live Streaming apps properly, things like facebook (especially with Chat switched on), Map and GPS applications, and other live streams like RSS feeds have your BB running constantly. I know its a pain to load things up everytime you want to check out what's going on but honestly speaking, its a tiny price to pay for a long battery life.

    3) "Battery Saving Mode" ...

    When you turn on battery saving mode, your BlackBerry smartphone automatically changes options to conserve battery power. When you turn off battery saving mode or the smartphone is charged, your normal smartphone settings are restored On MY PHONE, it's constantly running, here's how.
    On the home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
    Click Device > Battery Savings Mode.
    Select The 'Turn on Battery Saving Mode when battery power level is low ' check box and TICK it.
    To change the power level that turns on battery saving mode, change the Start when battery power is at or drops below field I'VE SWITCHED THIS "ALWAYS ON"!
    Press the Menu key and click "Save".

    This should do the business.
    Battery Saving Mode let's everything run, just things like Backlight Intensity Etc are effected.

    Let me know how it goes, there are a couple of thing you can do to bring a Duff battery back from the Abyss, but this lot should work without the need for any of that.
    10-19-13 06:14 AM
  5. k-fos's Avatar
    I usually get a full work day... it's off the charger before 7am and goes fine until around 6pm. Lots of things can change this... i find browsing crackberry posts with lots of comments can kill a full battery in about 30 minutes... something about the new design is fatal for legacy devices.
    10-19-13 01:18 PM
  6. Fuzz360's Avatar
    I save the majority of my on-lining till I get onto wifi.
    Using your 3G data signal is mostly to blame there. Quite often, if my battery's running low or I know I won't have access to a charger for a day or so, I'll switch my network settings to 2G ONLY, it means you lose all data streams unless you specifically ask the handset for data, and anything you DO ask for takes an age to load, BUT you can nearly triple the life of your battery!
    10-20-13 02:34 PM
  7. Slash82's Avatar
    It depends on how you use it.
    I was able to get about 10-12hours with light use.
    But I could kill the battery with in 3-4hours with heavy use.

    Some battery saving tipps:

    1.) 2G use only. That's all you need for normal use and will save you a lot of battery. 3G is only recommended when you surf the web or expect an e-mail with a n big attachments.

    2.) Use WiFi as much as you can. That doesn't need that much power as the cellular data connection.

    3.) turn off all connections when you don't need/use them, like: Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.

    4.) use battery saving mode "always on".

    5.) dim your display to 10. And shorten the time to 20sec. or less.

    6.) close not used apps when you stop using them. Some apps take battery life when they run in the background.

    7.) adjust or turn off refresh timing of apps. Think about how often you really need that they refresh themself in background. Eg: weather app or facebook really every 30min.? Or wouldn't be every hour or less also fine?

    8.) use an original holster. Every time you put your BlackBerry in it when not using. It will use even less energy.

    That should help you to get more battery life.

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    10-20-13 02:57 PM
  8. Fuzz360's Avatar
    I agree!
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    10-20-13 03:18 PM

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