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    Hi guys. So I have my 9780, and recently it's been randomly turning off. Yesterday at work it wouldn't turn on, and I performed a battery pull and tried a few things. I finally got it to turn on after starting it in safe mode but then it turned off again. All it does is show me the error 507 and the red light stays solid. (I have tried to reload the software) but when I connect it to the computer a big battery with a red X through it pops up and it won't let me reload the software, it just stops when it is waiting for the device to respond.

    I need help!
    07-28-11 03:14 PM
    I think you may somehow messed up the OS somehow... Just connect it to the computer and open up Desktop Manager and then check for new OS updates, it should then install a working one on your phone.

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    07-28-11 10:37 PM
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    that's the problem when I try to install an OS, the loading bar just stops at waiting for device to respond, and it finally times out. The phone just displays the battery with the red X.
    07-28-11 11:35 PM
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    It looks like it's a battery-related problem. The battery with the red X logo means no battery is inserted. Try switching batteries.
    07-29-11 12:57 AM