1. ThePink's Avatar
    Recently had to switch from my Bell 9810 to an iPhone 5.
    My personal Berry is a 9780 from Wind and whenever I was in an Away Zone I would have my data off when roaming and pair with the hotspot on my 9810. Up would come my little blackberry icon and I would continue to get my gmail, bbm etc.... Same as when you're roaming out of country and using wifi at your hotel, having activated data for a moment to pull down the local provider's service books.
    Now that I've had to switch from the 9810 to an iPhone 5 I'm not getting through. The 9780 will join the iPhone's Personal Hotspot but it will not get any BIS related services......
    Is this an iPhone thing? Since I can pair the 9780 with wifi anywhere else, whether it's a newer berry or a ten year old linksys router.....
    Been on the iPhone for a week now and definitely miss my Berry for work.....
    03-11-13 03:07 PM
  2. ryshhh's Avatar
    Same problem for me, except I'm on a 9900.

    Any thoughts?
    04-10-13 10:22 AM
  3. jmd.aKBar's Avatar
    I think it's cuz of the security of the network.. I used my phone with my common lounge wifi (with WPA2 Personal) i didn't get the 4 dots. but when i connect to my personal wifi (with WPA2-TKIP) i get the 4 dots instantly (as soon as it connects to the network, that is )
    I would recommend changing the hotspot's security settings and checking this!
    04-15-13 01:29 AM
  4. fred zoloty's Avatar
    hey just go to apn settings in your black better turn them on and put in internet.windmobile.ca and save it that will make the black berry work

    for the iphone 5 i donno how to get the hotspot to work but if u want data just put in the same apn
    04-29-13 11:02 PM

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