1. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    I asked a guy in a kiosk on the street in London to unlock my phone. He plugged it in and unlocked the phone. The phone, web, and b-berry messenger work.

    Unfortunately, now my e-mail does not work and the phone will not let me set up new accounts. The e-mail were g-mail accounts, nothing fancy or corporate.

    When I click "setup" and the "email accounts" a little tiny black box flashes, but it does not let me in.

    I have downloaded service packs, called customer support, re-booted, re registered the host routing table, etc. I cleared the device back to factory settings. No luck.

    T-mobile US just told me that the phone is fried and to return it. Unfortunately, I am travelling for a month.

    It appears that when the guy in London unlocked my phone, he also did some damage.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    07-29-11 04:46 PM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Download and install this from your phone browser... Leaked Email Setup App
    07-29-11 04:58 PM
  3. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    how do I do that? and what is it?

    07-29-11 05:30 PM
  4. Fubaz's Avatar
    how do I do that? and what is it?

    *epic face palm*

    its the email setup application, just like it says!
    07-29-11 05:39 PM
  5. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    Look, I like blunt people, but I apologize if I am not familiar with loading software onto my bberry. I have never done it. I couldn't follow the link.

    Do i cut and paste that link into my browser?

    And is that a patch, or a completely new install?

    07-29-11 05:47 PM
  6. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    I tried it and it didn't do anything.
    07-29-11 05:51 PM
  7. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Try this instead, it's a little simpler...

    Open the browser on your phone
    Type in the top search box http://tmobile.blackberry.com/rest/EmailClient/ and press enter
    This is a link to your carrier's latest Email Setup application, to replace your corrupt one
    Download and install it, then try to setup your email again after the reboot
    07-29-11 05:53 PM
  8. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    You can contact your carrier and they can give you some details.
    07-29-11 07:27 PM
  9. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    Phill_UK - thanks for teh response. I tried that and the device stalled. How long does that take?

    I also downloaded the handheld software to my computer and re-installed it on my handheld. It did not work either.

    It is the strangest thing. I hit e-mail set up and the little black thinking box pops up for a half a second.

    Any other suggestions.

    07-30-11 03:44 AM
  10. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    If I go in through the messages window and hit the blackberry key/options/email account management

    The error i get is:

    "Unable to open email setup application. contact your wireless service provider."
    07-30-11 03:46 AM
  11. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    I typed the recommendation in my browser and it just goes white? 10 minutes now.

    Does it take a long time?


    Do tmobile and tmobile usa have different downloads?

    And I of course have already called my carrier and spent 2 hours with them. They just say the phone is fried and to return it. Unfrtunately, I am travelling.
    07-30-11 04:08 AM
  12. Lost in 9780's Avatar
    I think I fixed it. I hope.

    I tried all the normal stuff; sending new service packs, rebooting, wiping the device.

    I then upgraded the Operating System and then I reloaded the Operating System. In another thread this worked for another poster. It did not work for me. The general gist of that is download the software to your computer and reload. It takes about 30 minutes. T-Mobile Support Community: BlackBerry software upgrade - BlackBerry Bold 9780

    This is what i did.

    With my device connected, I went into my desktop software. There is a button for "Applications". In that list, there is an "Email set up"

    Under the "Action Column" I checked the "X" box and then at the bottom the screen I hit "Apply"

    It deleted the file.

    I then clicked "Import Files" button and reloaded it.

    I found it at

    C:\program files (x86)\common files\research in motion\shared\loader\9780AllLong_v6.0.0.448.P6.5.0 .136\net_rim_bis_client.alx

    When I reloaded this Email Set Up the problem went away.

    Now I am off to buy some arsenic to put in the coffee of the guy who unlocked my computer in the first place!!!!
    07-30-11 06:21 AM