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    Last night my girlfriend plugged her 9780 in to charge, a little while later she noticed the LED flashing and wondered who msg'd her. She pressed a button to wake it up but the screen did not display anything. How odd.

    I suggested a battery pull. Now this happens: battery in 1 second then the LED light holds solid red for 3 seconds, then the screen starts up, shows BlackBerry loading screen, the bar along the bottom starts to move, gets about 1 cm (centimetres) then goes black again.

    So at this point I was unsure if it was on or off, until today it started to ring at the normal time the alarm is supposed to go off. So the device works. Leave it long enough and the light flashes. I connected it to Desktop manager and that seemed to see it no problem, it even allowed me to update it to .650 Plugged it into BBSAK and used the screenshot feature to see that it is loading and working alright aside from the display.
    So now I am unsure what to do. It is sort of working, should I take it apart and check the screen cables or something? I am fully capable of taking apart BBs and laptops and have done a few times to fix things, such as screen swaps etc. Actually this is a replacement screen, the last one got cracked, this screen has worked without problems for 3 months.
    Suggestions? BTW I bought it used, without carrier support do don't suggest warranty etc.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I took it apart and checked all the connections, have it back together again and the same problem persists.
    09-21-11 12:26 AM