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    On the subject of BB's and their apparent lack of need for antivirus ect I was just wondering;

    I have searched the forum and appreciate the 'smartphone antivirus' question has been asked a million times but I couldn't find an answer for this specific area,

    With no data plan using a payg sim, connecting to the internet through my home wifi hub; is there really no need for any added security for the 9700 when using online banking through a browser such as bolt?

    It seems odd that using a smart phone to bank online and shop online is absolutley 100% safe with stock devices whereas a PC is open to all sorts of security breaches with this kind of online activity without endless antivirus/malware/spyware ect ect that put you at risk more than the device you use.

    If this is the case, then why doesn't everybody invest 80 in a smartphone (fairly even compared to the 's a desk or laptop costs) and conduct online banking and shopping through that instead of the pc in complete safety?

    It may just be my brain working overtime on an issue that doesn't exist, or it could be my complete lack of understanding of my virus from my trojan, I don't know? I don't get it lol

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    05-25-10 05:33 AM
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    You are really comparing apples to oranges here. A BlackBerry is most secure running through the BIS or BES connection via your carrier. Your home wifi can be "read" no matter the device, but someone would have to really want YOUR information to even bother trying to get it, but it can be done. Using a computer is much more convenient with the larger screens (some banks won't work with a mobile browser, even bolt) because you can do more than just your banking.

    Another reason that there isn't much in the way of viruses on a blackberry, is that the attack vector is so small, where say a windows computer is so common and easy to find one that's not updated. Blackberry by default does not allow certain things to interact with the OS, so some viruses and malware like root-kits and password stealer, etc, can't function. There is a service (free!) that I've used, that will scan your phone for software that can steal information.
    05-25-10 06:51 AM
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    To be fuly secure in a home environment i.e BIS not BES you really do ne to access the internet via blackberry.net. Doing this affords yo the inbuilt security of the RIM network.

    Using ad hoc access via APN is no more secure than using any other smartphone. This is because blackberry.net is encrypted end to end.

    On top of this if you are using a 3rd party browser such as Opera-Mini then all your traffic is going via the Opera server since Opera et al all use servers to access the requested website and then just use your phone to display it. The native BlackBerry browser doe not do this.

    You really need a proper BlackBerry data plan for you phone to a) work properly and b) be as secure as it can be.
    05-25-10 07:04 AM