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    I am seriously amazed at how durable this phone has been since I got it. I was on vacation last week in Florida, and got stuck in the rain from "Irene". Unfortunately, my trusty 9700 was in the chest pocket of my shirt and got soaked as I walked into the airport to catch my flight. (the raindrops coming down were huge...felt like I was thrown into a pool after 10 seconds out there)

    Well needless to say, sitting at the gate to board my flight, I decided to surf the net a bit, but my blackberry shut down when I opened the browser. Surprised, I tried to boot the berry back up but hitting the power button again. Nadda. But there was a squishy sound coming from the power button...not good.

    Pulling the battery forced a reboot, but the moment the security check appeared on the screen, the familiar message "Shutting Phone Off..." appeared. This happened very single time..I got maybe 2 seconds in before it powered itself off.

    That power button and its squishy sound eventually gave way, and the button fell right off the phone. Yup...no power button. I did have a good flashlight as the LED under the power button shines quite bright now that its clean.

    I continued to try and reboot the phone, even frantically pressing the back button (as I had no end call button now!) once the screen appeared had no noticeable effect to cancel the shut down. (the security screen actually got to 74% instead of 54% so I guess I got a fraction more time)

    I could still use the button by poking it with a pen or my headphones, but even more worrying was that every time I did that liquid came out of the where the button would have been pressing. Seeing as there was no rice to be found that wasn't already cooked in the airport or the plane, I decided to rip out the battery, and hope for the best.

    Distressed, I arrived at my next destination that was closer to home (Irene delayed my return home) and found that the phone actually booted up! (this is 4 hours since the incident) I happily threw the phone in my pocket and went out - big mistake. Made a call and the phone shut itself off again...and this time a couple hours left at peace didn't do the trick. I left the phone for a full 24 hours, and still the same...boots up, and then shuts down.

    I left the phone for 2 days lying on my night table and returned to using old faithful (my 8320 still works unbelievably). I was about to go throw out the phone and grab a 9900 that just came out on TMO when I thought...what the heck- let's try one more time.

    It works now. Just like a charm. It has some battle scars in the form of a missing button, but it works fine....as long as nobody calls me (because I can't hang up unless I rip the battery out). I guess my phone has become the telemarketer's dream!!
    09-02-11 03:12 PM
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    For one, that was a very stupid thing to do. Next time, keep the battery out and let it dry using the directions above. There is a chance it won't work properly, or might die unexpectedly. Go to a repair shop to have a new housing put on it, that way, you'll have the power/end key replaced. And that was a big adventure! Shocked it survived and even worked after that ordeal!

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    09-02-11 05:47 PM