1. ImGeorgeous's Avatar
    Switched to the iPhone 4 a couple of months back, occasionally have BlackBerry withdrawals and so I still have my 9700 as a backup even though I haven't used it for months.

    It was easier to switch between devices on T-Mobile, as I just had the BIS plan and switched the SIM card easily between various devices, depending on what I needed at the time.

    But between the dumb microSIM card and "iPhone specific data plan" on AT&T, I don't see how I am able to switch between devices and have both of them work like they used to on T-Mobile. The only option the AT&T store gave me was to issue me new SIM cards every time I needed to switch, but that is a pretty dumb solution.

    So does anyone know of any thing I can do, buy an adapter, request a BIS add-on for the 9700 while on a iPhone data plan, etc?
    07-03-11 11:28 PM
  2. BryanTheRed's Avatar
    You need the BIS plan set up then you can switch at will with the use of a micro SIM adapter.
    07-04-11 03:28 AM