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    A couple months ago I found that my battery life was going downhill quickly, to the point that with minimal use it wouldn't last a full day. I bought a new battery and nothing changed. I also noticed an increasing frequency of dropped calls. The last 4-6 weeks I've had periods of time when I've been unable to make calls (call failed) despite good coverage (3-5 bars). The call issues have been worse in more metropolitan areas.

    A coworker told me that both of those sounded like the radio dying on the phone. Does that sound legit? It's beyond warranty so upgrade is pretty much my only option.
    07-06-11 05:35 PM
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    how often are you performing battery pulls?
    and when was the last time you updated the OS?
    07-06-11 05:59 PM
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    I've pulled the battery a few times but not regularly. Probably twice in the last 6 weeks? It has died from a drained battery 5-6 times in that period, but I'm not sure if that's the same.

    I haven't touched the OS since I bought it (18 months or so? right when they came out). I just downloaded OS6. I might try that but I'm not hopeful it'll cure my woes. When I first had the phone I was thrilled with the 2-3 days I could get out of the battery under low/moderate (weekend) use.
    07-06-11 06:10 PM
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    well one thing that would definitely help would be an OS upgrade. is super solid, and I was getting 2-3 days of moderate usage.

    you can download it from here

    and install it and then update through DM.

    If you are going to use OS6 is the best OS in my opinion for the 9700 and im able to go 2.5 days on my battery.
    07-06-11 06:18 PM
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    I'm still on I had good luck with it and battery life/dropped calls weren't a concern until just recent months and I didn't install anything over the time. I just downloaded the att approved version ( and I'm installing that.

    It's frustrating though, because if it's the device that's a pretty short life span. My wife is still using my old Pearl 8100 (5 years old probably) and it's solid as a rock despite continual abuse. Not sure if it's cost cutting/build quality or if I'm just unlucky with this one.
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    07-06-11 07:07 PM
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    Upgraded to and so far today the battery life seems to be better. I haven't used it as a phone much but I had a voice mail with no listed missed call so something still isn't right. Any thoughts? I haven't been able to find definitive symptoms of a dying radio.

    [update] Day two with the new OS and battery life seems good! I haven't used it too much for calls so time will tell on that.
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    07-07-11 04:02 PM