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    I am owing 9700 Tmobile I bought it second hand from a close friend....I have a problem of my bb doesnt stay on it gets switched on and off everytime I press any button...it just gets blackout and red IED comes flashing and restarts again.........previously I never had such a problem only few times this had happen when i had press any button it got restarted but now I am tired of this now it doesnt stop getting blackout and starts again and then i have to attache it to my pc thru USB and it gets started and asa I remove it from pc it gets switched off I tried inserting friends battery but didnt helped it......and I also Upgraded and Degraded the OS but still the same ....cant solve my issue ...Please help me if u can.
    08-15-11 06:29 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    They obviously had the same issue it sounds, so I suggest giving it back and it's best to get a new one that actually works. It's likely a hardware issue or some short on the main board. EDIT: You did use apploader for the upgrade/downgrade process, right?

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    08-15-11 08:15 AM