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    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I need some help from the BlackBerry experts on here. My girlfriend was in a rush late for work one day and she dropped her white 9700 on the floor at an angle where the mic is located and the impact cracked the screen in half diagonally. The phone is in mint excellent condition as everything works perfectly but the screen issue.

    I was on google trying to find a replacement screen while she uses one of my older berry, but I'm lost there's a whole bunch of different models like 001, 002, or 401, 201, etc. What do these numbers mean, and would I need to get the replacement in white or can I get a black replacement and change the lens because I see they sell white lens.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the long read.
    07-04-11 08:52 PM
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    No worries. You need to disassemble the device and look on the back of the screen, thereupon you will find the set of numbers that identifies the screen # that is installed in your device. You must order the correct screen number, they aren't interchangeable.

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    07-05-11 12:31 AM