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    Dear CrackBerry,

    This is the chronology of my BB problems and I hope I can find solution here:

    1/4 OS 6
    * Since around 3 days ago, my BB (OS 6) suddenly can't browse websites using Wi-Fi. This has never happened before in 3 years since the first time I used BB.
    * At first, it couldn't browse sites like Google and Yahoo!, but now it can't browse all websites even the signal is "Wi-Fi+BB logo" (Unable to find the requested server). Strangely, if I browse using mobile network, it works.
    * Of course, I restarted the BB by reinserting the battery and restarted my router, but it still didn't work. Strangely, my laptop and iPhone can connect and browse using the same Wi-Fi without problem.
    * Since the beginning, I already didn't like OS 6, so I decided to downgrade to OS since it was the recommended version by my latest BB Desktop Software

    2/4 OS
    * In this state, the Wi-Fi connection WORKED even though the OS 5 looked a little bit different from the OS 5 my 9700 came up with.
    * I set my 9700 connected to Wi-Fi all the time.
    * I upgraded my BB World in order to upgrade BBM 5 to BBM 7.
    * Then the strange thing happened, my BB began to restart many times randomly by itself.
    * I thought it could be because of this downgrading thing so I upgraded back to OS 6.0.0_rel2949_PL6.6.0.236_A6.0.0.668.

    3/4 OS 6 (part 2)
    * In this state, the Wi-Fi connection didn't work again (Unable to find the requested server), but I could browse using mobile network.
    * Again, I upgraded my BB World in order to upgrade BBM 5 to BBM 7.
    * I started searching online about the problem and read lots of forum entries, including from this forum.
    * Some said it might be the browser and advanced options setting.
    * At this time, I borrowed a Dakota to test this whole Wi-Fi things.
    * The Dakota could connect and browse Google, which my 9700 couldn't.
    * Then I made sure my 9700 settings were all the same with this Dakota from Wi-Fi Diagnostics, Site Survey, DNS Lookup, Ping, Browser Push, Host Routing Table, TCP/IP.
    * Everything was exactly the same, but my 9700 still couldn't browse using Wi-Fi.
    * Then the strange thing happened, the Dakota then couldn't browse other websites too. For instance, when browsing Google sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Browsing Hotmail, I could see the URL started changing which usually means the connection works but then suddenly (Unable to find the requested server).
    * I like browsing using Wi-Fi because the mobile network is ALWAYS "EDGE" so I decided to downgrade to higher OS 5 version, OS 5.0.0_rel1607_PL5.1.0.177_A5.0.0.979.
    * This time, I did what I believed was called clean install of OS 5.
    * Without restoring to factory setting, I "Security Wipe" the device (except memory card) and then I followed this article completely
    BlackBerry 302: A complete wipe and clean install of your BlackBerry OS | CrackBerry.com

    4/4 OS 5 (part 2)
    * Install success.
    * In this state, the Wi-Fi connection worked and the OS 5 looked exactly the same with the OS 5 my 9700 came up with.
    * I didn't upgrade my BB World and BBM this time.
    * This time, I set my 9700 connected to Wi-Fi all the time again and left it there untouched to see whether it would restart again.
    * I could tell that it restarted if it showed again "Enter the PIN code".
    * For the whole day, it was connected to Wi-Fi and it didn't restart at all .
    * Then the strange thing happened again.
    * This morning the BB showed "Enter the PIN code".
    * I tried browsing like usual, it randomly restarted.
    * I switched off Wi-Fi and browsed using mobile network, it restarted randomly again.

    Anyone knows what is really going on?
    OS 6 suddenly can't browse using Wi-Fi.
    OS 5 can browse using Wi-Fi, but restarts randomly.
    At first, I was assuming OS 5 was not compatible with BBM 7, but the BB still restarts with BBM 5 installed.

    Does this have anything to do with the signal?
    At night, the mobile network sometimes can reach "3G+BB logo".
    Sometimes I think this 3G signal "collides" with the Wi-Fi signal and causes the restart whether I am mistaken or not.
    I thought the restart only happened during browsing so I left it until this morning.
    However, this morning it still showed "Enter the PIN code", meaning it restarted at least once during the mid night.

    Recently, many BB users around me have reported that they often receive this "warning" more than once daily:
    "The security of this connection cannot be verified."
    I only received once. I chose "Close Connection" among "Continue" and "View Certificate".

    I know this is long, but I want to give as many details as possible.
    09-09-13 01:18 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Could be an issue with your router. Do you have any trouble with other devices? Try setting the router for a fixed channel and not to switch automatically between channels. Also does your BB have the right date set? This could cause the security error you are seeing, OR it could also be the page/pages you are trying to view. Is it always the same pages, or does it vary?
    09-09-13 08:19 AM
  3. Will_123's Avatar
    My iPhone and laptops can connect to internet without any problem.
    Yes, my BB has the right date.

    During OS 6
    About the pages, it varies.
    Now it's like it can't browse any pages and keeps showing "Unable to find the requested server".
    Before this, it worked like usual, then suddenly it couldn't browse some websites like Google and Yahoo! but now it can't browse all websites. Very random.

    During OS 5
    It can connect to Wi-Fi and browse without problem.
    However, the phone will randomly restart both when I am browsing or not.
    09-10-13 01:39 AM
  4. Will_123's Avatar
    Currently I stay with OS 5.
    Last night, I didn't connect the phone to Wi-Fi.
    As I stated before, during night sometimes the signal can reach "3G+BB Logo" while most of the time is always EDGE.
    I begin to assume that whenever my phone signal reaches "3G+BB Logo", it will restart by itself, with or without connecting to Wi-Fi.
    Anyone has idea what is suddenly going on with this BB of mine?
    If I switched back to OS 6, it will definitely not able to connect to Wi-Fi.

    As soon as the phone finished restarting, I checked the log and these were in bold:
    E net.rim.tcp - CLsx -6
    E net.rim.rcp - CNcl
    E net.rim.udp - CLsx -6
    09-10-13 09:44 PM

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