1. 9700_User's Avatar
    The old Pearl had the antenna right at the bottom where most people hold it... Where is the 9700's antenna - same place ?

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    04-08-10 02:16 PM
  2. brendan90's Avatar
    Good question. Anyone know?
    04-08-10 10:15 PM
  3. BB8320toBBONYXtoBB8320's Avatar
    i think the antenna is located at the back of the bottom casing on top .. do you see the flex ribbon? i think thats the one... cause im having the same problem if you hold alt and type nmll it says -256 (the signal) the normal signal is between 40 to 100 and mine is -256.. please help me also on solving the same problem thank you .. pls do message me at cyrusvmd1@yahoo.com plssss
    06-09-10 10:24 AM