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    Hi there... Looking for some honest opinions. I love my 9700 is has served me very well from day one a 1+ year ago. I've been running OS 6 since the 1st leak and have shrunk and updated almost every OS to .615 which I'm currently running now. I've kinda gotten used to the "webpage too large" bug which is the only real problem I have but it is starting to feel old. My wife has a 9780 which is faster than my 9700 but not by much so I don't think upgrading to the 9780 is worth it. I'm contemplating purchasing a 9360 outright for $350... I can probably unload my 9700 for around $180-200 which I can put towards the curve 9360. I'm not a huge fan of the new bold because of the size and I'm not sure if RIM will ever release the "Bellagio" which is what I'm willing to hold out for. My contract is up in December and I don't want to waste an upgrade on a phone that I really don't want like the 9900 but I don't think the Bellagio is coming anytime soon if it ever does. Do you think its worth getting the curve. I've played around with it... Pretty slick device and spec wise would be a step up from my 9700 for not a huge amount of money.

    Any thoughts???



    Thanks Titan

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    09-05-11 08:02 PM
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    Definitely get the curve until the 9790 comes out, the specs will be allot faster. I wouldn't get it from ebay craigslist kijiji or amazon, I would get it from the store.
    09-05-11 09:05 PM
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    If your willing to spend the extra money then do it. I just really don't see the need when your contract is up in 3 months.
    09-05-11 11:30 PM