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    Ok, I was going to post yesterday, but I figured I'd give the 9650 another day of trials. I can't deal with the dropped calls. I can't figure why this handset would get a different signal than my 8330? I NEVER had dropped calls before on my 8330 and even my 8350i (I know that's iDen). iDen coverage wasn't as vast, but I never dropped calls. I used my 8330 for months and months and now in the same places can't keep a signal. 7 dropped calls yesterday, 3 today. It is in 1XEV, I also switched it to 1x, and that didn't help. Any suggestions. Had it since Tuesday, battery is the red outline at the end of the day also, not to happy about the battery life (which is about the same as my 8330, I am a heavy user. my 8350i had the best battery life.)
    It really sucks because besides these two issues, the phone is awesome. Very, very snappy sending texts, switching apps, loading pictures, taking pictures, streaming video, everything is much improved over any BB I've ever had. The keyboard is great (which I thought I was going to miss the curve keyboards), but I type really well on this new board. Screen resoution is great, wifi is great, camera is great, fit and finish/quality is great, sound is great.............I'm just baffled, the last thing I though would give me problems on this phone is signal strenght. I tried "auto", data service "on" and "of", tried "global", tried "1XEV" only, etc. etc. etc. is there anything else I can do?
    05-21-10 04:16 PM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    thats terrible man. I haven't heard any much such thing around here from anybody really complaining about RF or drops. I'd return it and try another handset before writing it off.
    05-21-10 05:14 PM
  3. ABV's Avatar
    Yeah Cbreze, that's what I'm goint to try to do. I hardly ever blame something on a handset, it usally is something that can be fixed with software. But in this case, I may bring it in and try to swap. Like I said, it is by far the smoothest working BB I've ever had.
    BTW, update, after I posted the topic I dropped a call in my office. That has never happened in 7 years. It shows 3 bars in 1XEV, but during the call it just drops out. Just got home and noticed I missed some emails today to. I feel like I'm back to when the 8350i first came out, missing emails, guess that's why some people wait a few weeks.
    Let me go resend service books.........
    05-21-10 05:18 PM
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    I had the 8350 also and since that uses lower mghz signal it didn't fluctuate as much as sprint. I got this phone and I'm feeling same way as u. Signal not very stable. Got better when I put it on the 1xev and home in options

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    05-21-10 11:13 PM
  5. dstar2002's Avatar
    I actually am much more pleased with this devices RF thus far vs the Tour. With the tour I would have to put it on speaker phone and hold it near my head, like i had a plate in it, with teh bold I havent had to do it once, I can actually use my phone in my house, with only occasional chop, with the tour, it was speakerphone near the windows or select points on my couch/nightstand
    05-21-10 11:25 PM
  6. ABV's Avatar
    More dropped calls throughout the day today. Did some research, just upgraded to .692. One person thought it helped their signal strengh. I'll keep everyone posted.
    05-22-10 07:29 PM
  7. Richard1864#CB's Avatar
    On the main screen, click on the Manage Connectionss icon, and then hit the Menu button, and click on Mobile Network Options. After that, hit the Menu button again and then click on Update Preferred List. The 9650 ships with out of date PRL, and this will update it. This should also help with your connection issues. You might want to also click on Update Profile too. That might help as well.
    05-23-10 12:21 PM