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    Ok so I've been a Crackberry member for a while but this is the first time I've ever posted so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. So I just switched from AT&T to Verizon and got the 9650. I just wanted to know if anybody else with the 9650 was having an issue in terms of their phone being somewhat sluggish with its response time. I had the original Bold before I switched over to Verizon and I never had this type of problem. I never thought I would say this but I may just switch back to AT&T and reactivate my old Bold till the updated 9700 comes out.

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    06-07-10 09:18 PM
  2. nRRe's Avatar
    only time i notice any real sluggishness is when i'm at work.

    i drop reception quite often, and bounce back and forth from EVDO to 1x, or just lose signal. I have the WiFi on also and it clings to no bars or drops it to.

    i assume that is why it lags. at home, i get 2-3 bars and great wifi signal and have no problems.

    how is your coverage where you are using the phone? do you have every app open at once?
    06-08-10 12:50 AM
  3. eve6er69's Avatar
    My sprint 9650 has yet to be sluggish.
    Was rare to hear any complaints about the phone when it was out only for sprint. Sounds like vzw may have a bad batch somewhere?

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    06-08-10 12:54 AM
  4. shopgurl's Avatar
    my Verizon has yet to be sluggish (stop comparing) what's the purpose?
    06-08-10 02:28 AM
  5. mjbesen310's Avatar
    My verizon bold has 0 lag! Not sure what your problem is opn your phone...

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    06-08-10 03:59 AM
  6. jonnyboy46's Avatar
    My Bold 9650 is also amazin and blazin.....no lags here!

    Make sure all your licenses and everything 9000-related has been adjusted to the new phone.....I just finished upgrading/updating all my licenses that were specific to my Tour's PIN number.
    06-08-10 06:05 AM
  7. dblockinit's Avatar
    im also not sure what people are seeing. never experience lag on my vz 9650
    06-08-10 09:11 AM
  8. cjsmoove's Avatar
    My Bold 9650 is also amazin and blazin.....no lags here!

    06-08-10 11:38 AM
  9. sj-performance's Avatar
    dont know wussup with ur 9650...but mine is fast and defiantely faster than a 9000
    06-08-10 01:12 PM
  10. ericlc2's Avatar
    i switched from a 9000 as well, and the only thing i miss is the trackball and larger keyboard, other than that 9650 is an epic upgrade- in the memory capacity alone, just my opinion
    06-08-10 01:17 PM
  11. jjb5169's Avatar
    Hey guys thanks for all your help. I talked to Verizon earlier tonight and I think it's a device issue and I'm gonna swap it out. Hope I have better luck with the next one! haha
    06-08-10 09:48 PM