1. morffi72's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me why is it that when I take a picture, it always gives me a long file name? For instance, the bold will give a file name like - IMG00054-20090817-2338.jpg and my curve just did IMG00054.jpg. I can see that the second group of numbers is the date but I don't want all that.
    08-18-09 08:45 PM
  2. sylvainr's Avatar
    IMG00054 -20090817 -2338.jpg

    it's easy to understand when you know it

    the IMG..... it's the number of the image you take

    the 20090817 ... it's the date that you took the picture

    and the 2338 it's the military time ie 1138 pm

    you could change the file name before saving the picture
    08-18-09 08:57 PM
  3. dilipc's Avatar
    Wow that's a neat explanation! And I thought I knew it all!

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    08-18-09 09:51 PM