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    Hello all,

    I did a side-by-side comparison between the 9000 & 9700 on the blackberry website. From what I can tell in the area of memory the Bold 9000 is much faster than the 9700.

    #1). I feel stupid asking, but does the on board memory of 1GB make the 9000 faster than the 9700, or is that 1GB just allocated for storage?

    #2). I do realize that flash memory affects speed, but what does on board memory affect?

    #3). As I would understand these designations on a computer the two allocations of memory are combined to effect overall speed and performance, thus making the bold 9000 two & a quarter times faster than the 9700. -Is that correct?

    Please help.
    Thanks for your time!

    Specs below taken from blackberry.com
    Onboard memory
    9000 = 1GB
    9700 = 256MB

    Flash memory
    9000 = 128 MB
    9700 = 256MB

    Overall Memory (without external sd-card)
    9000 = 1128MB
    9700 = 512MB
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    No, flash is what matters. Available memory after OS install is appr. 130MB on 9700 and 40MB on the 9000. Also the 9700 has a newer generation processor which IQ much faster. The form factor of the 9700 is much better unless you really need big keys.

    Also consider the trackpad over the ball. I had to change trackball twice in ten months. The trackpad is much more reliable.

    Though I am now on a storm. I have to say that the 9700 is the best phonenu have ever had!

    Also it has a better camera.

    All that said. If you don't mind sticking to OS5 - the 9000 is also a great phone.

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    As said above, the internal 1GB memory on the 9000 is just for storage (which is why you can use the video camera without a media card in) and does not effect the performance of the phone, just the storage functionality
    06-24-10 01:33 PM
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    Assuming a computing device has sufficient memory for it's operating system and running programs, the amount of memory has no affect on the speed of the device. The speed at which you can read or write to memory can affect device speed. That's why some portable media is rated at a higher speed than others, and why you can save pictures to faster media in a camera. However, this is also a factor of the device. If the device reads or writes to memory at a slower rate than the memory can accept it than memory speed is not an issue.

    For most computing devices, processor speed is the controlling factor. Take two identical devices and give one a faster processor and that device will run faster. You can also have two different devices, on with huge amounts of memory, but extremely slow, and one with a much smaller amount of memory and a much much faster processor. The faster processor can make the smaller memory device run faster than the device with tons of memory.

    Another factor that affects or sense of a devices speed is video processing.

    For BB's, flash memory is most important, since that's where the OS and apps are stored. On board memory is for media. With media cards supported up to 32Gb's, the on board memory is less of an issue. Both have 624Mhz processors, although I don't no if they both use the same processor. Assuming it is the same processor there should not be enough difference in the devices to notice one being faster than the other.
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    The 9700 uses a different processor, I believe. I will check this momentarily and confirm.

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    Ive had both, and as the poster's above have stated, the 9700 has triple the app memory of the 9000. As for processor speed, I find the 9700 SLIGHTLY faster, the 9000 is still fast, but not quite as fast as the 9700.
    06-24-10 02:05 PM
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    Thanks to all for the prompt replies and help.

    What is the speed of the processor in the bold 9000, 9700 and 9650? -please advise.
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    hasn't anyone crafty with circuit board mods figured a way to up the mem on a 9000 to 256MB? that would solve the 9000's biggest downfall...

    as for proc speed... aren't 9000 & 9700 624MHz and the 9650 a 518MHz? or something like that... ?
    06-24-10 09:38 PM
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    @ LCW. In regard to the 9000 memory upgrade.. I've been wondering the exact same thing. Perhaps someone could bump the 9000 up to 512mb.
    06-25-10 12:07 AM
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    hasn't anyone crafty with circuit board mods figured a way to up the mem on a 9000 to 256MB? that would solve the 9000's biggest downfall...

    as for proc speed... aren't 9000 & 9700 624MHz and the 9650 a 518MHz? or something like that... ?
    From what I've found, both the 9000 & 9700 are 624 Mhz. I assume they have the same processor.
    06-25-10 06:14 AM
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    As for the memory "Upgrade" on the 9000.... When I had mine, I kept wondering when some of the crafty guys, like the ones that build the hybrid OS's, woulf figure out how to crack into the OS and change it to use the physical address of the 1GB memory instead of the 128mb memory for the system.

    It would be like changing the line of code in linux to read /dev/hdb instead of /dev/hda.

    I would have gladly sacrificed the 128mb to have had a 1GB system!! LOL
    06-25-10 07:09 AM