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    I'm sure other people have asked this but I think that needs and likes/dislikes vary from person to person...I want a new blackberry but i'm stuck on which one i should get. I have the 8320 on Tmo right now and I wanted the 8900 but when I heard that it didn't have 3G, I wasn't so excited about it. It looks like a sweet phone but since Tmo just got 3G, I wanted to get full advantage of that. Now, the Bold has Wi-fi (which one of my fav features on my curve) AND it has 3G (from what i read....correct me if I'm wrong) now here's my dilemma...First, I don't know if Tmo is coming out with the Bold. I've only heard rumors but no hard evidence and I've heard rumors that Tmo is coming with the 8900....I want the bold for the wi-fi/3g combo but I like the 8900 small size. What should i get in your expert opinion? I'm also worried about the transition to an unlocked phone....thanks
    11-18-08 10:27 AM
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    Hi JP,

    I'm stuck on the same kind of thing. The Bold does have 3g+wifi+gps. The new Curve has wifi+gps but no 3g. However it does have a better camera than the Bold and double the internal memory than the Bold (I think 128mb to 256mb). Also the new display on the Curve is the same as the Bold, if not a tiny tiny bit better. This is the basic comparison I think. Your basically trading 3g for the curve's lovely form factor plus improved memory and camera.

    However, if you study the 8900 forum you'll find that at some point an even better 8900 is coming out...with 3g. This I think is called the Magnum but I'm not 100%.

    So all in all, do you have the patience to wait for the 8900 mark 2? I think I'm gonna jump in and get the improved Curve, and when the contract is up in 18 months, who knows what options will be available.

    God bless you JP.

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    11-18-08 03:47 PM
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    that's sweet if the upgraded 8900 does have 3g! Maybe once I find out if it does, I'll do the same as u and just hop on the 8900 train and wait for the 3G version to come by....I went to an at&t store yesterday and the guy there was a complete **** and told me that there was no way to get my tmo internet and data plan to work cause that's how it is with every unlocked phone (which isn't true) so it kinda made me mad. But now that I hear the rumor that an upgraded 8900 will have 3G, I'll just hope for that. Blessings right back at you

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    11-19-08 12:44 PM
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    Hey JP! Let's forgive the in-store guys. Yesterday I went into Vodafone (I'm in the UK) and was blessed by being able to play for ages with one of the 3 live Storms they had there. Anyway, at the end I asked a rep about the awful 500mb data cap (which they call 'Unlimited') that goes along with the Storm contract: he basically didn't really know what to say except that "don't worry, all your emails will be free". I think we have to remember to be charitable at all times. At first I was going to argue but then realised he clearly wasn't trained adequately, and even if he was, that's Voda policy, nothing he could do about it. So I stopped myself and told him to have a great day.

    I think the 8900 is the way to go if you love the Curve's form factor like I do. The Storm was amazing and superb but for me typing was a nightmare. As many have said elsewhere, its really hard to rush of an email or text. They say it will get better with time, but I'm not sure. The Bold's specs are awesome but I really dislike the form factor.

    Take care of yourself JP.

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    11-19-08 01:44 PM
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    The only problem is: if we get this, how long after will the Mark Two be released! I think that not only does it have 3g but also touchscreen (with physical kb). Hard to say what to do

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    11-19-08 05:37 PM
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    Oh heck yes...if the Mark 2 is set to have touchscreen on top of the trackball and the keyboard AND 3g AND wi-fi AND the awesomeness of Curve design...I'm sold. I think I'll stick it out with my Curve until I hear official word on the release for that
    11-24-08 05:21 PM