1. Acidwire's Avatar
    i searched the forums but everyones problems were solved with steps i copied and it hasnt worked on mine, i bought a bold second hand ages ago and it was working fine until one night when i came in to find my phone switched off with 4 shortish/medium flashing red lights in a sequence. i cant get it to be recognised by the computer and i know the wire isnt faulty as i borrowed my friends 7230 wire (mini usb is the same for both models) and her 7230 is recognised with and without the battery by my pc and hers.

    ive tried the following:

    1. battery pull - 1 long red light then the continuous four medium flashes over and over, same when i plug it into a pc (no red light or battery icon at all when plugged in without a battery)
    2. using desktop manager - nothing happens no device detected
    3. using the jl_cmder - no device detected
    4. using apploader by itself - no device detected/ no way to get past the usb/com port screen
    5. using apploader through command /nojvm - no device detected/no way to get past the usb/com port screen
    6. quickly switching phones with my friend when her phone is recognised without a battery and a update is prompted, it sort of works by letting me choose the os but then says no device detected

    can anyone please help me to fix it? this is my only phone
    11-24-12 07:50 AM
  2. krypton-power's Avatar
    I have the same problem have have do all of the above myself with not luck,i have fix a number of Blackberry's however the Bold just don't to live
    12-02-12 04:54 AM
  3. lop01's Avatar
    Have you tried the Bold 9000 way to get a bold back :

    Steps (to be applied with patience):

    1. Take your battery out.
    2. Plug in your Blackberry Bold and wait (with a wall charger with the battery left out).
    3. Leave your Bold like this until you see a sign on your screen that looks like a battery with a red line through it.
    4. Now that you see the icon, put your battery back in and let it charge.
    5. Your Blackberry Bold will turn back on by itself.
    6. Let it charge until it is full without interruption!

    Be patient during this process and while step 4 is happening, go and DO SOMETHING ELSE! Your Blackberry Bold might just need some privacy during this process (mine did).
    12-04-12 06:58 AM

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