1. krankberry's Avatar
    hello all..

    i have just got yet another bold 9000, but when i press the menu key in applications. the letters in the menu seems to be larger than normal. i have set the text size to 7. dont know where else to set the size of letters in menu..

    can anyone help ?
    06-12-10 07:06 AM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    did the theme builder use a user controllable font?
    06-12-10 07:47 AM
  3. ST79's Avatar
    May be you are running a third party theme ... Activate the Precision Zen theme and see whether this makes any difference ...
    06-12-10 08:49 AM
  4. Kylecore's Avatar
    Upgrade to 5.0
    Its not near as hard as you think it is.
    Download os and install to computer.
    Plug in berry and open desktop manager
    Back up device and load os.
    Wait a half hour for your berry to install and boot up the first time.
    And bam now you've got 5.0

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    06-12-10 10:25 AM
  5. quicksilver53's Avatar
    I agree with Kylecore. I upgraded for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was just that easy. I run and it is just awesome.
    06-12-10 07:42 PM