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    I am atnt user of Bold w/ OS version. Was wondering from where I can get a latest 282 stable build? ATnT site says my OS version is latest. But I heard that the 282 is good at memory and also, i have some noise problems when making call. There was some thread previously stating that OS Upgrade fixes the noise problem.

    Can anyone post a valid US English version of 282 build which will work with atnt ?
    08-14-09 02:57 PM
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    Go to the site in my sig. The owner maintains them under Hosted Files.
    08-14-09 03:03 PM
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    BT 224 thanks for the link!

    but your signature scares with that 'black out' too.
    08-14-09 03:46 PM
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    but your signature scares with that 'black out' too.
    Yeah, it should. The person bought it and immediately modified everything. He bricked the phone and had screwed his warranty doing the blackout.
    08-14-09 03:51 PM
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    hi bt224,

    Well in my case perhaps its the same. My phone is not too old. I have problems of a annoying/hissing noise at the back when i make/recieve calls (Note - its not heard when I turn on the speaker phone)

    I fought with letstalk - they denied. Went to BB support - they said that after the 3rd party purchases the equipment, BB warranty to exchange the phone or diagnose for free is void. So I am screwed as well. and hence hoping that OS upgrade removes that hissing.
    08-14-09 03:58 PM
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    In the Articles portion of the same site is a link to Proper Upgrade Process. Follow the advanced portion. On step 7 use the Crackmem option. Be patient and follow the instruction exactly and you will be fine. If you blow it, it's recoverable. The other guy was unbranding, which is totally different and has some danger to it. OS upgrades are pretty pedestrian.
    08-14-09 04:02 PM
  7. Jack_123's Avatar
    Hi bt224,

    really appreciate your help here. I assume the downgrade instructions are also there!

    08-14-09 04:15 PM
  8. bt224's Avatar
    Yep, they sure are.
    08-14-09 05:09 PM