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    I'd like to use my Blackberry Bold to listen to music in my car which has a standard 3.5mm jack (i.e., the kind that works with iPod). This does not work with the Bold (unless I jiggle it around in the plug which I can't believe is a good thing).

    Some people have recommended this adapter from LG; SGEY0003602, which looks great but all the literature I can find on it says the plug is 2.5mm.

    06-13-09 01:13 AM
  2. digitalb0y's Avatar
    You're not supposed to need an adapter for a standard 3.5mm plug. The jack on the Bold is standard. If you have to wiggle the plug you have, there's a loose connection somewhere. Either the plug is damaged or the jack in your Bold isn't working properly. I can use any pair of headphones or the 3.5mm plug in my car with the Bold.
    06-13-09 03:10 AM
  3. Randall123's Avatar
    Geez I can't seem to get a straight answer; RIM tech support say an adapater is needed becuase the required plug is 4 pole.
    But a bunch of people have said it should work. Feels like they should fix it (its still on the warranty).
    06-13-09 03:32 AM
  4. winsettr's Avatar
    The 4 pole plug is for headsets (audio in and out), and as stated above, any 3.5mm plug will work to connect headphones, a male-male stereo/speaker cable, etc. If you are having problems I would suggest trying headphones without a mic to see if you get the same result.
    06-13-09 04:44 AM
  5. Randall123's Avatar
    All headphones I've triedi do not haver a mic. I just wqnt the music
    06-13-09 09:23 AM
  6. drs155's Avatar
    As all above, EVERY 3.5 headphones or cables I have tried work just fine. hope its not a bad jack on your phone.
    06-13-09 11:02 AM
  7. anon(2143959)'s Avatar
    its probably a bad jack
    on cnn you could buy a new one buy you gotta solder it in yourself
    06-13-09 03:37 PM
  8. digitalb0y's Avatar
    I can't believe RIM tech support isn't trained better than that. As stated above, 4-pole plugs are for two-way audio. The 4th pole does absolutely NOTHING for audio out, it carries signal back IN for headsets with a microphone. The 3 sections on a standard 3.5mm plug are tip/ring/sleeve, which correspond to left/right/ground (earth if you're from Europe). It works th same way in the Bold as it does on your headphones. If you've tried several pair of those, you've got a faulty audio jack.

    Did you ever get this properly diagnosed? If you're still under warranty get that puppy replaced. Soldering one in yourself isn't going to be impossible, but also not a lot of fun, especially if you don't have a lot of soldering experience. At least shorts like this tend to be very easy to reproduce in the store, so you can clearly demonstrate to a rep that the device isn't working properly.
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    06-17-09 09:27 PM