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    Hi guys...

    Just got my bold 9900 Very happy so far... One small thing. If i activate my 3G the phone keeps dropping Bis every 5-10 min the connects again and so forth... It works perfect if i change it to 2G only. My old 9780 had no problem and was always connectedc to 3G... Has anyone else experianced this? Is it a software issure or hardware issue? Im running out of time on my 7 day exchange periond as i get the phone last friday...

    I'm Running O.S (Downgraded from - Had the 3G problem on that firmware aswell) On the Vodacom South Africa Network.

    Works perfect when connected to Wifi aswell.

    Any help would be appriciated
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    09-05-11 02:19 PM
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    i would try upgrading to the latest leak ( and see if that helps... also try resending your service books to see if that helps at all... if that doesnt work, then my guess is maybe a hardware issue and the device will be replaceing
    09-05-11 05:49 PM