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    This may sound crazy but after I got my thunderbolt, my gf and I activated my old verizon bold on her uscelluar accont. We called in to customer service and told them we were having trouble activating the bold, we gave them the info of the phone and they said they'd have to add it to their inventory. Once we did the manual programming we then did the ota activation and registered the bb with uscellular. She used the phone for a while and it worked great. She then moved on to the htc merge. Well I decided that I wanted to use the bb again so I proceeded to go through the steps to activate it back on my verizon account. I didn't know us cell would lock the phone with a generated msl so we called and got that code by saying we wanted to sell the phone and needed to whipe her number out, well the only way to do that is in the cdma edit screen. So we got that number and I was able to manually program to verizon, but the ota will not work because the I'm guessing verizon thinks the msl code is ##000000. My phone now connects to both 3g networks. I leave on automatic A... Home only defaults to uscellular..Crazy..

    Let me know what u guys think or if this has happened to anyone.

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