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    I just got my Bold 9900 on Thursday of last week and I already have a ticket with Rogers Tech Support to get a new replacement in store. Here are the 3 reasons.

    1 - I can't get my gmail to validate using the setup wizard but I found a way to get it to work with "advanced settings" on the Rogers BIS site. But, I don't get threaded emails with that fix.

    2 - It keeps freezing on me where the unit becomes completely unresponsive for a good 5-10 seconds at random moments.

    3 - I have a "dim" corner on my display right above the talk button which would be lower left. It's not dead pixels. It's an actual dark corner on the screen.

    I got the original Bold 9000 the day it came out and I realize it was full of bugs until the first OS update came out. So, maybe it's just the way the 9900 is right now, or not. Hopefully some of you can clarify it for me. Are you having the same issues?
    08-23-11 07:34 PM
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    I have the 9930 and the OS is very buggy I have issues with apps causing it to freeze and get error messages. I have reloaded the OS several times.

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    08-23-11 07:41 PM
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    its likely the apps that are buggy, not the os.
    08-23-11 11:08 PM
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    Seriously, Who do you think CARES why you are getting a replacement? None of this is SIGNIFICANT to ANYONE but YOU!

    Sorry, but these threads of insignificant tales of woe are getting out of hand!
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    08-24-11 11:59 AM
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    Sorry to hear you're having these issues.. I have had my 9930 now for a week with the stock Verizon OS. My phone has been perfect so far. I got to a little over 18hrs battery life last night before hitting the 20% mark. Hope your replacement works out better for you.

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    08-24-11 12:09 PM