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    hey guys this is my first blackberry. Only had it for a week so far. Have 9700 from Tmobile. After my first week of use i have a few things i would like to adjust. Does anyone know how to change these things or an app that will allow it:

    1) Take a bookmark from a webpage and allow me to put it as an icon on the home screen
    2) When the phone goes into lock mode (i use lock mode cause i put it in my pocket) remove the emergency call link. I worry that i am going to hit this someday.
    3) I installed opera mini and it seems when i click on addresses in emails/sms that i no longer have an "open in browser" anymore. It is "open in opera mini". Anyway to have them both or to get the "open in browser" back

    I came to you guys figuring that you know best!

    11-23-09 12:30 PM
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    hmmm why did this get moved..it was a question about all blackberrys just not the 9700
    11-23-09 05:09 PM