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    1) I had an ongoing issue where I was not able to send any file to contacts who are on OS 6 / OS 5, I could only send files to contacts on OS 7.

    Even though I would actually see the progress bar that the file was sent, OS 5 / OS 6 users always told me they got nothing.

    SolutionL Do not upgrade to BBM, BBM is fine and you can send pics to contacts from older OS's too.

    I hope someone from the RIM staff sees this and reports it to RIM

    2) While browsing the files on my device, even though I have shrunken all the unnecsarry languages, I still found these files, so I deleted all the ones I do not need manually,

    The paths are displayed in the images below, I advice you to delete it via the PC as you can delete multiple itmes together but fromthe BlackBerry you have to delete them one folder at a time.

    Free memory at the moment without Facebook and Twitter and any apps installed after the shrink is 244 MB

    I will not install anything yet to see how is the battery life to get a proper judgement, then I will install the apps one everyday to find the culprit that is sucking the battery so bad. I am sure this phone is ok, but there is something wrong somewhere in the usage of one of these apps. I will keep you posted about my findings.

    08-22-11 03:58 AM