1. B3rry@ached's Avatar
    Just want to share this with everyone. I definitely was at AWE when i set my eyes on the much anticipated and sleek-designed new device from RIM! *drool* i couldn't believe it! It looked so slick and appealing. The Bold is quite slimmer but a bit wider than the Curve. I actually saw it at a vendor showcase hosted by my company. And when the Blackberry rep let me hold on to the BOLD, i def wanted to keep it and just take one for the team! anyway i took a few pics, sorry kinda blurry and one pic was too large for the forum. Anyway awesome phone, and i wish i could have taken it home!
    08-22-08 12:35 AM
  2. sarfrazfamily's Avatar
    cool, glad you got to hold one! lol! so is your company getting one?
    08-22-08 12:38 AM