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    As far as olives tasting like feet....

    Maybe if it was a salty foot!


    Seriously, now a days the majority of phones are trying to make a FULL merger with all things entertainment...

    In doing that, I have noticed that they have neglected the actual "phone" aspect.

    "Hey look its a cool mp3 player, it has a cool shiny outer case, AND it has a FIVE MILLION Megapixel camera, they'll focus on all that stuff over the poor phone quality, We're sure!"

    I think its only natural for this step. (The all-in-one streamlined phone concept)

    We live in an, "I want it now, Entertain me now, Keep me busy now" World.

    I just wish we could have that cool mp3 player, cool shiny outer case, AND the FIVE MILLION Megapixel camera, AND an amazing phone.

    You would think by now we would have land line quality cellular phones, but I guess they assume we have home phones for that.

    Sad day.

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