1. HankHowdy's Avatar
    Is there a way to optimize the quality of video playback with the native browser? Or is it already optimized?

    I see no settings like this on the You tube mobile site.

    Thanks with any insight.
    11-24-11 12:46 PM
  2. r0bert4's Avatar
    Well, I noticed when a YouTube video is embedded at the desktop version of crackberry, it plays the regular video ( non-mobile ) which is better quality.

    But if you try YouTube desktop site it says 'no flash installed' , also, if you turn on HTMl5 at YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. , it still errors 'no flash installed'. Perhaps there's some kind of a work around? Not sure though.
    11-24-11 03:43 PM
  3. HankHowdy's Avatar
    there is an optimization, but it doesn't work anymore by my experience.
    you could try search it up in the forum and try it by yourself.
    if you got about decent-good video-quality that's about it.
    aslong if it isn't blurry and have some crisp-details it's oke.

    This makes me think that with our browser its already optimized.

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    11-24-11 05:49 PM