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  1. FS.9900's Avatar
    The following two threads, and, amongst several other threads, have led me to the following idea:

    I am curious as to wether there may actually be some kind of potentially unseen link between 'place of manufacture' (i.e. quality control) and 'moderate-to-serious issue frequency' with the different aspects of the 9900, that is, hardware and software issues that affect the functionality and use of the device, in some cases rendering the device unusable. Of course there is always variation in devices from even the same specific manufacturer location (Location 1,2,3,4), but, in general, I am interested in seeing if there is quite a large disparity between the greater locations, i.e. Canada, Hungary, Mexico etc. and if so, to what extent.

    The only way to efficiently find such a link, which seems to exist, is to do some kind of correctly structured poll linking those who have such issues to the manufacture location, or even the specific manufacturer location. This is however a semi-major task, and I am sure RIM already have such statistics but we will never see such data which is why we would have to do it ourselves if we are interested in such a correlation. This is anyways beside the point.

    It is tempting to include the correlation between 'aesthetic/build quality issue-frequency' (in relation to first link above) and 'place of manufacture' for those who are interested in such an aspect, even though the hardware/software aspect is much more important.

    Although at first glance this seems like a rather good idea to me, I imagine that for it to be conclusive and effective, the following conditions, amongst other conditions, must exist;

    1) The poll has to be multi-tiered (which I do not think is possible here) in order to correctly collect such statistical information efficiently:

    i.e. Something along the lines of; (Issues With Device): Yes, No > (If Yes): Hardware, Software, Aesthetic > (Software and Hardware Issues Only): Serious (failure of device, loss of function and usability, wether fixable or not) or Minor/Moderate [affecting functionality but not to point of failure] , with a wayof linking each selection option with the 'Manufacture Code Detail'. It would also be useful for there to be a way to list with each answer the specifics of what the problem is.

    2) There needs to be a large-scale spectrum of users with the issues that appertain to this subject who are not only willing to vote, but will vote accurately by supplying the correct information such as, those who had devices with issues that were replaced, do they remember the manufacture details of that device as such detail will be important and manufacture details can possibly vary from the same provider. Or maybe not?

    3) If this is something that is easily done via the poll function on this forum, I would attempt it myself, but, this does not seem possible here. Someone is needed, either an experienced member(s) or possibly the Crackberry team, who would be willing to correctly and efficiently carry out something like this in the case that there is enough interest from the community for something like this to be carried out in the first place. Also, the data will have to be organized and sorted out correctly. I am willing to help if I can.

    This would be the right place to do it as this is the largest BlackBerry community with probably the largest number of 9900 active users across the spectrum who seem eager in enjoying their devices and in giving feedback with experiences and issues in order to help themselves and one another.

    I do imagine however that those of you with devices manufactured in Hungary, who seem to be reporting very minimal issues, or anyone with a problem-free device for that matter, might not care much for this poll as you may not be affected, and in fact many others may as well be un-interested, but, I think if something like this were done correctly, it would serve as useful statistics for all of us who have the device and for all of those who will be looking to buy a Bold 9900 or in fact any Blackberry model in the future.

    So, is this something you would be interested in seeing take place?
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    12-25-11 10:27 AM
  2. janerblue's Avatar
    I am very interested.

    I am also interested in what potentially caused the issue like: charged overnight, installed a stupid 3rd party app that was not on App World, dropped it, error XXXX, don't know, etc. These data points might help point to the root cause. This may be too complicated and not what you want to accomplish.... Your point may be to link unrecoverable to build version/location, recoverable to build version/location, squeaky trackpad to build version/location, etc...

    Thanks for the thought! I think the results will be neat to see/study.
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  3. FS.9900's Avatar
    122 views of this thread so far and only two votes. Interesting.
    12-25-11 07:43 PM
  4. sam81's Avatar
    When the 9700's came out a couple years ago there were issues with some of them and wobbly trackpads or something like that. The devices made in Mexico, like mine, were flawless while others were having problems. You'd have to go back thru that forum and see the specifics were. As one that is preparing an upgrade to the 9900 I would be interested in such a survey. Good luck.
    12-25-11 08:08 PM
  5. Phill_UK's Avatar
    The devices made in Mexico, like mine, were flawless while others were having problems.
    I think you'll find the devices made in Mexico are at the centre of every quality issue thread on here...
    12-25-11 08:31 PM
  6. janerblue's Avatar
    Mine was made in Mexico (Mexico 5).... I hope I will have to never report back with an unhappy face!
    12-25-11 09:14 PM
  7. ignites's Avatar
    12-25-11 09:53 PM
  8. palomartian's Avatar
    I think you'll find the devices made in Mexico are at the centre of every quality issue thread on here...
    I think that has been debunked. Plenty of fail came out of Hungary.
    12-25-11 10:05 PM
  9. Captain Scarlet's Avatar
    Again, I am confused here. The 87+% of people who are satisfied will say there is no issue with the phone. What your broad spectrum will yield is data from the the 13% who are unhappy.

    The standard deviation on QA issues across a number of manufacturing sites will probably show a small percentage of issues that add up to 13% or one site that the majority of the 13% of issues come from. However the total of 13% defects or unhappy customers, bearing in mind manufacturing defects and customer perception cannot be correlated since perception is individual. Then if the figures are to be believed RIM don't have too much to worry about.

    I voted on the other thread that I was unhappy. reason being was that my previous phone was an 8900 (company upgrades every 18 months)and the battery was better it didn't have the signal search issue, probably due to it being a 2g device, therefore the battery lasted longer as searching for signal seems to be most of my issue. On the other hand when using the 9900 with blue tooth on the road, the battery drains quickly.

    The phone is sitting on a worktop where it has sat since Saturday with very little use and the battery is still on 58%. As I have previously said, I love the screen, the keyboard and the whole package. The battery lets it down, and I don't really see why I should need to switch from mode to mode to save power. What I will do is need to spend money to ensure I have enough resource available to allow me to charge when on the move etc. to suit my needs.

    What I do not understand is why are there so many threads about issues and battery, build quality and general issues when only 13% on average seem to have any issues on the are you happy thread.

    Merry Christmas everyone....
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  10. FBA's Avatar
    Because around here, as on a few other boards, you only hear about the issues, not the good parts. Most are whining babies who can't read/write/type or spell and have no clue how to walk 3 feet without crying our for mommy. If I read everything here and only here, we have a 98% failure rate. In fact, it's probably less than 1% worldwide on the 9900 and at that, probably due to user stupidity and users who shouldn't be using a BlackBerry to start with...
    12-26-11 10:55 AM
  11. FS.9900's Avatar
    Originally it was 2/122 (votes-pre-views). Approx. 1.6%. Now at 17/329, that is 5.1%.
    I am glad to see such interest and such an excellent turnout.

    I am imagining that the 94.9% of viewers on this post who did not vote thus far are of the supposed 87% who have no issues, otherwise, they would have been more keen on voting...

    Interesting what you say Cpt. Scarlet. If it is that only 13% of the users or devices are hit with considerable issues, it is quite astounding the number of deep complaints and 'fails' the 9900 and RIM are receiving form users and media, given that 87%+ of users are happy with the device. Indeed battery life and such 'convenience' issues are a nuisance, especially with heavy users or those who fill their phones with countless apps and are social-crack-addicts, yet, given that on average the 9900 seems to be performing well relative to its competitors, this nuisance is more subjective and not truly a considerable issue. This is including aesthetic/build quality issues that do not truly affect the functioning of the device.

    Indeed such a study would require the 13%, or whatever the actual value is, to give such data, and for the data to be accurate, in order for us to see what is actually happening as far as the subject mater goes. Given that this idea would cover all issues, from moderate to serious, it is the number of users experiencing considerable/serious issues that may be the issue as this seems to be a small number of people, which is of course a good thing, but makes it more difficult to get an understanding of the relationships involving such problems.

    Again, this is not for or against RIM in any way. I love the company and I am not trying to point out a flaw, although such a study, if ever carried out and conclusive, would naturally do so in an indirect manner.

    This whole idea is simply regaring a means for giving users of this device, current and future, more 'knowledge' by have a 'guide' in knowing where they stand with their device in terms of the probaility of something going wrong or in the case that something is or does go wrong. It would merely serve as a resource for knowing what issues exist with the device and with which manufacturing location, if such a link exists, such issues are most prevalent. To me, that sounds like rather useful knowledge.

    Regarding my device thus far, I am of the supposed 87%, or maybe the 99% according to FBA, as my phone is operating rather perfectly and I think this phone is an excellent device for what it is meant to be. This study simply something I see as being potentially useful for all of us, especially those with the considerable issues in device function. Of course, however, there is the question of interest in such an attempt given the potential complexity and efficiency involved relative to the ultimate conclusiveness of such a study?

    We will have to see.
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  12. ViaCassian's Avatar
    In fact, it's probably less than 1% worldwide on the 9900 and at that, probably due to user stupidity ....
    LOL, count me as one of those. I got my 9900 about a week ago and I at every turn in setting up the device I found myself way down on the learning curve. It took me ten times longer to do most everything because for each thing I had to learn there were several things I needed to learn first.

    All my complaining would be based only in my stupidity and to avoid showing that to everyone on, I am happy to keep it to myself.

    I belong to several forums for things I use and is one of the very best sites in terms of organization and finding answers, and tips -- knowing what smart folks do is very helpful.
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  13. pynkfloydd's Avatar
    Sorry, but this thread is kinda pointless.

    All of the ICs should be coming from the same manufacturing facilities regardless of the final assembly point. If anything, the only things taking place at the locations named are assembly, programming and QC. Since none of those steps are that overly complicated, that shouldn't really make a different where the phone came from.
    12-26-11 04:32 PM
  14. FS.9900's Avatar
    Issues are traceable to any point in the production line from the primary manufacture/sourcing of the individual components at the 'main facility' with their own specific quality control measures, to the assembly, programming, and final quality controls on the product, wherever that takes place.

    Given that the issues with the 9900's have been either OS related (i.e. initial design of the OS [hardware and software] and/or the final programming involved), hardware related (issues with the actual components or their assembly leading to things like touchscreen/trackpad failure and issues with keys/buttons etc.), or quality control related, all of which involve the final assembly facilities, makes such facilities more than important in this context as each facility will carry out the job in a varied manner thus affecting the final product.

    Yes, there are, and there most definitely will be devices from ALL the assembly locations that will show the potential problems. However, this idea serves the purpose of simply realizing wether one or more of the facilities will have specific issues linked to them. Therefore, this post, in the context it is intended for, is more than useful in terms of understanding wether this correlation exists, especially for those who are either having issues or for those who are 'anal' enough, like me, who given the ability to source a 9900 from one of the facilities, will have a more 'educated' platform to base their decision on.

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  15. FS.9900's Avatar
    What intrigues me the most is the lack of interest involved. I am referring to the number of people who have viewed the post and not even voted.

    That in of itself is an answer to the question.
    12-27-11 11:56 AM
  16. azie's Avatar
    Hungary 2 - exchanged in service - trackpad issues
    Mexico 4 - in service now - vibrating issues - waiting
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    12-27-11 12:10 PM
  17. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Four of six of my 9900 units have bricked. Two were from AT&T and two were International unlocked units. I have trouble thinking they were made on the same assembly line.

    What is even worst is RIM is ignoring this just like the did when our keyboards were stuttttering on a previous model.
    12-27-11 01:19 PM
  18. kjjb0204's Avatar
    So we have to take a poll about taking a poll? Why waste the breath, just post what you want to ask. Geez.
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    12-27-11 02:46 PM
  19. FS.9900's Avatar
    Wow. Thank you for your deep insight.

    In case you forgot how to read english or use logic... The topic asks if people are interested in an idea. Irrespective of what this idea is, it so happens that the most efficient way to gauge interest is to take a poll.

    Of course, topic is open for discussion, and for clarity of subject, I also wrote out everything that I did, by which looking at the interest thus far, would probably be considered the waste of breath and not the poll itself.

    Geez. Maybe you should save your own breath my friend.
    12-27-11 04:20 PM
  20. FS.9900's Avatar
    It has been approximately 84 hours, 759 views, and only 29 votes. By looking purely at the poll there seems to be more interest than not yet, the complex nature involved with such a task relative to its 'perceived' usefulness seems to be reason enough, amongst other reasons, for the lack of interest from most of you.

    I would personally like see this happen as a correlation as such and any other information it would potentially reveal can be rather useful to us in gaining even more of an understanding of where our devices possibly stand. If I can devise a system to effectively collect relevant details, would you all, those with any problems experienced, be willing to provide such details?

    If so, I will sort something out in due time. If not, then the f**k with it all and a Happy New Year to you.
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    12-28-11 06:59 PM